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Heres an idea for you guys and it should only take a few E-Mails.

E-Mail the production company of BSG and ask for signed photos of the cast and crew to be e-mailed back to you, then put them in the concept art section of the game.

i.e.) Cast photos, behind the secenes photos, page from a script, or at a push tell them what your doing and get the PR department to send you a small video of one of the cast saying thanks for playing the game. (could be coded in to play when you type the production companys website in, in game (like a cheat)) ect.


Very thin ice there. It would look like Universal officially endorsed the game when they didn't. That's basically just asking for a C&D letter.

There is no concept art section of the game. Diaspora isn't going to release concept art, for reasons which can be found in the other thread.

And this is also a TC of FreeSpace 2. Asking for photos and what not would, if it even succeeds, make it seem like the game is officially endorsed, which is obviously not the case. In the best case, they simply ask for us to not place those pictures and stuff. The worst is a cease and desist letter.

IMO you should use the original FS2 concept art or your own sketches.

Or even Pictures of the Crew who is modding the game


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