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In my thread about old ,lost mods (,61425.40.html)
I found a guy who have your exposition and test data ,which he offered to upload to FSMods ,because it's no longer on Mediafire ,but Droid803 said you may not want it reuploaded ,so i want to ask you.
Can he reaupload exposition and test data to FSMods?
The point is it was released ,but later removed and I couldn't find any clear explanation.
There are also wiki download links which point to nowhere.

I'd say no and suggest you to wait until 158th is released. The downloads were taken down, because the mod is alive now, just like Droid803 said.

OK so I will start to search for other mods.
Somebody should redirect those links to better location ( strangely FAQ says the exposition is released )

Although Exposition isn't "released," it was however "posted," The version was posted wasn't exactly the most recent and finessed. I won't go uploading any more copies of it until we're ready to actually release it, and unfortunately complications keep popping up at the busiest times for me and the team IRL.

I can't really be opposed if someone else that had a a copy uploaded it and you guys tinkered with it, just understand that the version you'd be using is really outdated, and the team is still trying to iron out some of the things that have cropped up over the years; so if you don't want to wait for a completed version, there's the version that was posted publicly, and if you don't mind waiting a little bit longer, there will be a version that works a LOT better released.

OK ,I will find something else.
The main purpose why I want it is modding ,I'm not a modeller ,but I do nice reskins ,so I really wanted this pack for models. I know that this release is unpolished ,but what I want are if fact POFed meshes.
I can correct data on them ,and make tables either from scratch or only using original one as a template.
Also ,I can get inspiration from how certain things are done ,I'm sure that you have at least one weapon that uses a brilliant idea which I can adapt to use in my own weapons. I also like new sounds ,there's always a bigger choice when I want to change sounds ,not only stats and effects. I have lots of textures and effects ,but new ones are always welcome ,for example Kiev gave me Idea how to texture my pirate ships. So even if missions are buggy ( or there is no missions at all ) I can use models ,effects and everything i cannot make myself. That's the point why I wanted unfinished pack ,if I cannot get it I will just search elsewhere ,perhaps there's a model that suits what I want to do in my archives ,but I very like having choice ,maybe your models suits better. I'm attaching pic of pirate battlecruiser with Kiev textures ,ignore main turrets texture it's just a placeholder.

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