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Talon 1024:
The 158th Banshee Squadron is proud to present the release of Exposition, the first episode of the Into The Night series, and a prologue to Act 1! After a long period of hibernation, the team has spent many months of testing, debugging, and polishing to bring this campaign out of development and into the public!

Exposition is a 12 mission campaign that follows the story of Andre Greene, Callsign: Homie, through his time in the Earth Alliance as a fighter pilot in the highly decorated 158th Banshee Squadron.

Things are not looking good for the Earth Alliance.  12 Kiev-class destroyers and countless Andropov-class carriers of the Colonial Confederacy have descended upon the Aleutian Archipelago and established a stronghold near Strongpoint Obsidian.  The Earth Alliance barely has enough resources to hold them off, and taking down the strong Colonial war effort will require more than just pilots.

Under the command of Commodore Rowe, your squadron will take part in point defense missions, escort missions, lightning strikes, and massive battles.  Whatever your role is, it is always vital to the success of the mission, and I won't kid you, pilot, this won't be easy.

Or download the Windows installer here. (65.2 MB)

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Windows Installer

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Thanks, Swantz! -TS

To install Exposition, place the files from the 7z into a subdirectory in your Freespace 2 folder, and select the folder as a mod in the launcher.  It is recommended that you use 3.6.10 Final to play Exposition.

"No shields, no jumpdrives, no way out, and only two inches of steel between you...and them."

Akalabeth Angel:
Seriously? Cool. Downloading . . . .

EDIT - played the first couple of missions. Pretty good. Only complaint so far is that it would be nice to have some intelligence briefs in the techroom so I knew what the sides were and what the conflict was about.

Wow, it's great to see you guys get a release out there.  I think I know what I'll be doing tomorrow. :)

Oooohh. This is nice. I've been waiting to see this one released a long time.   :D

This thing should be stickied and highlighted :D


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