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First thing I did was check the date when I saw this. :p

Unfortunately for me I can't play this. :(

Black Wolf:
Highlighted. Highlit? Anyway, let me know if you don't like the icon or whatever. :D

Wow! That definately is good news: This MOD is supposed to revolutionize ground/atmospheric combat under SCP along with shadows of lyat...

Might anyone might making vids of this?

Somebody should move the project's board from "Hosted Projects - Work In Progress" to "Hosted Projects - Fully/Partially Released".
I'm downloading it now, I cannot wait to check it out.

Dilmah G:
Spoiler:Okay, I'm about 12 minutes into the first mission. My problem lies with the dialogue, or lack thereof. Blasting things is only satisfying for so long, the whole attack seems pointless, or rather emotionless. I don't know who these guys are, and I have little motivation to destroy them.


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