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Well, I actually think kinda fun flying around shooting at #@%@ in huge climactic battle, even if what you do doesn't mean crap.

I ran into a problem with mission 3. The auto pilot never disengages.  I replayed the mission several times and had the problem every time.  I Finlay went in and modified the event to disengage the auto pilot after 10 seconds and that seemed to work.

Update:  Finished the Campaign.  It was the closest thing I have experienced to being involved in sustained combat operations.  I read the back story information on the website that gave the timelines and pilot bios before playing so I came in knowing a little about the campaign.  I felt like a replacement pilot.  I knew a little about my wingmates but not a lot.  There was the real feeling of being a newbie in a combat unit that had suffered losses.  There is a tendency in combat units after they begin to take casualties to not get close to replacements because they are usually the first to die.  The sense of not having the big picture and only limited direction was very realistic.  There was a constant personal battle between wanting to help your wingmates, achieve the goals and survive.  I played straight through so there was a sense of going from one combat mission to another with little time off.  From the story it is apparent that the campaign takes place in a short time frame.  I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign and was totally immersed in the story.

I feel obliged to respond on behalf of the original team.

As has already been stated, the mod was originally conceived in mid 2000 along with the original outline for the story.  Early work progressed at a good clip and most of the mod itself had been completed and balanced by 2003 (parts of this were lost since).  By the time FSOpen started producing some of their more impressive and stable builds, our staff had taken a rather substantial blow due to other time commitments, like work and college.  This is about the point where we sank into inactivity.

Exposition remained in an incomplete and unreleased state until the new team decided to pick it up.  I should clarify that by incomplete, I am referring to writing, mission scripting, voicing, and quite a bit more.  I commend them for putting forth such a valiant effort to get the mod into the state that it is in.

In the mission with Colt, the player can tell her to jump out before she dies. Also, the tech room gives us an estimate of how many fighters and bombers the enemy can carry. Yet despite that, I feel like I'm fighting an endless wave of them. Might also resolve some of the issues presented.
EDIT: Oh, the skybox's resolution looks a bit low.

Woolie Wool:
Perhaps you should increase your FOV a bit. The skybox resolution is fairly high (6 x 1024x1024), it would be a waste of VRAM to raise it significantly. Skyboxes eat up a ton of memory.


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