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That might explain it. :)

I've been playing through this, but I have a question: Is there some tweak I can do to make the fog less... pervasive? Or more realistic?

When attacking capital ships, I try to fly close pass it so I don't get shot up, and usually end up smacking into some part of them because I literally cannot see it because of the fog!

In the original Freespace, the fog is made of loads of 2D planes which move, and the closer you are to something the less foggy it is. Unfortunately, the intersection of the fog with any surfaces spoils the effect a bit.
In SCP, they fixed that, but now (And I never realized this before!) the fog is completely static, like there's just a fog texture covering the camera and I could be right next to a capship and still see thick fog where you'd expect it to thin out or... something!

Can we somehow copy Freelancer's fog? That had some pretty awesome fog effects. :)

Commander Zane:
It's been a while since I played Freelancer but isn't the nebula usually just one color with very light, whispy puffs?


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