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--- Quote ---Phantoms: In 2335, the GTD Amadeus moves to block the PVD Temperance from entering Antares, unaware of the imminent arrival of 'Phantom ships'
Echo-Gate: Shortly after the destruction of the Lucifer, the GTD Minnow is dispatched to Beta Cygni to clear up a lingering Shivan presence

--- End quote ---

While playing through Blaise Russel's campaigns Phantoms & Echo-Gate I realized that for some reason, the last mission in Phantoms isn't voice acted. I have added the few missing lines and added skyboxes to all the missions.
Go and play those 2 classic campaigns, undeservedly, they are among the forgotten and seldom played ones, despite being of very high quality!

for those campaings, the freespace port is required

You need to clean these up a little before you release them.  Remove the mission backup files from the missions folder and the settings file from the mod folder.  Also you have models for 3 nebula boxes but only have maps to support one model.

Oh goodie, a Blaise Russell campaign updated. Congratulations on the release!

Nice job, I always enjoy playing these two and the Shrouding the Light campaigns.  I noticed that starfield in the upgraded Pandora's Box.  Is that starfield POF slated for the new mediavps, or is it just becoming the FSCRP standard?

Minor gripe -- The mod.ini links Fsport-mediavps. It should be Fsport_mediavps.


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