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Admiral Nelson:
Bem Cavalgar

--- Quote ---Bem Cavalgar is a campaign set during the Shivan invasion of Vasuda in the Great War. The story follows a group of loyalist Vasudan officers who stay behind to defend their homeworld and the evacuating civilians.

You play as both Captain Senbi, leader of the loyalists, and as an unnamed fighter pilot, Azriel 1.
--- End quote ---

This campaign is one of Blaise Russel's greats. giving the player a choice of the sequence of missions to fly, and with limited resources to make use of throughout.


* Extract all contents of the zip file to ypur Freespace folder.
* Select the mod "Bem Cavalgar" via your FSOpen mod launcher.
NOTE: This release requires that you have installed the Freespace Port, Freespace Port Media VPs 2014, and the MediaVPs 2014.  There should thus be folders named the following in your Freespace2 directory:


Bem Cavalgar is a campaign about Vasudan officers fighting against the Shivan invasion of their homeworld.

There is a strategic element to Bem Cavalgar. You, as Captain Senbi, have a limited amount of resources with which to fight the Shivans.

Your stock of ships and weapons is set during the introductory cutscene that plays at the start of the campaign.

Playing this mission on lower difficulties will give you a large number of ships and weapons. Playing it on higher difficulties will give you less choice in ships and weapons.

Once you have played through the introductory cutscene, you can always change the difficulty afterwards - this will not change the number of ships and weapons you have.


Freespace Port - all Freespace 1 content
Freespace Upgrade Project - strategic map ships based on their models
Black Wolf - Abydos installation
Trashman - Vasudan corvette
Blue Planet - fonts
Ben Prunty - Faster Than Light music (Federation and Last Stand)
Admiral Nelson - Patch to version 1.1
FreespaceFreak - Vasuda Prime bitmap

This campaign owes additional debts to:

Blue Planet
Ransom Arceihn

4) FIXES IN 1.1

Added Vasuda Prime planet in place of retail asset
Fixed Terran pilot heads in M5
Added Vasudan Mainhall reference
Fixed various table problems, including with HUD and weapons
Fixed issues with Vasudan corvette
Fixed comship subsystem issue
Made compatible with current fsport, fsport and media vps 2014


Freespace Files

Have only played a few missions in to this but I do highly recommend this campaign. The missions are well thought out and the limited resources totally change mission preparations (never have you been so scared to put a Prometheus on a fighter...).

Hats off to Admiral Nelson for updating this, and to Blaise Russel for it's creation! :yes:

When I launched the mod, I got 47 warnings. Really not sure what's wrong, as I have the needed folders (FSPort, FSPort MediaVPs 2014, MediaVPs 2014, all in the correctly named folders) and other mods didn't encounter problems.

Attached is my fs2 log, as well as the warnings I got when running the 3.7.4 DEBUG build (BC_Error.txt).

[attachment stolen by Russian hackers]

Edit mod.ini in bemcavalgar and change this line:

--- Code: ---secondarylist = fsport, MediaVPs_2014;
--- End code ---
for this:

--- Code: ---secondarylist = fsport,MediaVPs_2014;
--- End code ---

btw delete

--- Code: ---Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\Homesick.vp' with a checksum of 0xe7137285
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\data\movies\tango1_fs2.vp' with a checksum of 0x4c25221e
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\data\movies\tango2_fs2.vp' with a checksum of 0x86920b82
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\data\movies\tango3_fs2.vp' with a checksum of 0x705e8d71
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\data\movies\tangoA_fs2.vp' with a checksum of 0x2e10c984
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\data\movies\tangoB_fs2.vp' with a checksum of 0x0a5f4659
Found root pack 'C:\Games\Freespace 2\data\movies\warble_fs2.vp' with a checksum of 0xd85c305d
--- End code ---

Homesick should be in own folder with mod.ini

I'm guessing that those 6 vp files aren't supposed to be there? By the way, thank you for the help! :D

UPDATE: It's now working, no warnings detected or anything. Thanks again!


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