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Admiral Nelson:

--- Quote from: General Battuta on April 25, 2012, 06:41:57 pm ---Sync - the Sync drive hurls you and your friends into unexplored space and past the edge of sanity. Loosely and eerily related to Transcend, Ransom Arceihn's debut is in it for the story, with gameplay taking amicable but sometimes stilted second fiddle. The slow psychological degradation of your wingmates and companions reflects Ransom's preoccupation with the deprivation and isolation of space travel, the horrors that echo in a space more vast than the human mind.
--- End quote ---

This new version of Sync has been cleaned up and debugged for use with the latest builds and Media VPs. Additionally, nameplates have been added throughout the campaign.


* Extract all contents of the zip file to your Freespace folder.
* Select the mod "Sync" via your FSOpen mod launcher.
NOTE: This release requires that you have installed the MediaVPs 2014.  There should thus be folders named the following in your Freespace2 directory:


Ransom Arceihn - Original concept and campaign
Admiral Nelson - Patch to version 1.1 as documented below
FrikgFeek - Testing

3) FIXES IN 1.1

Nameplates added for ships which support these
Ensure proper functioning with MediaVPs 2014
The high(er) poly Hedetet replaces the ancient low poly model
Minor FRED bugfixes
Spelling fixes
Dialogue fixes pertaining to ship names
Player orders that could break missions removed
Certain missions made more tolerant of unexpected player behavior



Man, where is a "mod parent up" feature when you need one!

You are beautiful human being, Admiral!!
 :yes: :yes: :yes:

Man, I really want to get this voice-acted.



--- Quote from: Cobra on June 07, 2017, 01:00:54 am ---Man, I really want to get this voice-acted.


--- End quote ---

You know, a buddy of mine suggested that to me a while back, but we both realized that, honestly, it's not likely to work.

Like Vassago's Dirge, anything less than inhumanly awesome voice acting would fail to do it justice. You'd need someone who could get into the role of a desperate individual, ripped out of his normal life, thrown into a cosmic horror story, deprived of sleep and in the cockpit for weeks (months? years technically speaking :P) and trying to retain some shreds of sanity.

And such voice actors don't come cheap, especially what with 30-40 missions needing voicework.

I dunno. I think I could manage that kind of emotion. Maybe I'll take a crack at a couple spots some time just to see if I can match the tone of the campaign with some voice acting. Also, have you heard the voice acting for Blue Planet or Derelict? Awesome stuff, and all, last I checked, volunteer work.


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