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--- Quote from: General Battuta on September 22, 2019, 04:55:22 pm ---I’ve actually heard that Crysis (or another Crytek title) was conceived of as a space shooter wayyyy back when. That said -

Cryengine ****ing suuuuucks for basically anything except being a very pretty (and on its later versions high-performing) in house engine for Crytek. The support is awful, the engine is hard to adapt to other uses, the rendering is beautiful which suckers people into using it but then they ALWAYS regret it. Star Citizen had to throw it out for Amazon’s version, and then Amazon killed a bunch of their in house titles because working on even *their fork* of CryEngine sucks so much.

It’s bad. It’s an Engine to make you Cry.

--- End quote ---

Crytek brought in a lot of FS modders who contributed to Silent Threat early on (and Quake modders) with some of the proof of concept games with the early Crytek engines.

There were a few, Silent Space (FS like game), Verge (Homeworld like), and Dinosaur Island which eventually became Far Cry. At the time nothing was viewed as economically viable from publishers other than the PC/console FPS so everything got axed minus the FPS projects.


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