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FRED2 - Capital Ships don't fire missiles

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Both Basestars are pointed roughly in the general direction of the Battlestars in the mission, and all Colonial and Cylon forces are marked as "friendly" and "hostile" respectively. The Battlestars start farther than 7500, but quickly close the gap to much less than that.
I have attached the mission file, i would greatly appreciate it if someone who has more experience with FRED2 than me could find the issue, as i am out of ideas as to what could be causing the problem.
And yes, i am aware that this mission sucks, you don't need to tell me.

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General Battuta:
I don't suppose you've checked any "protect ship" boxes?

Well, that did it. I had completely forgotten about "Protect Ship". I enabled it for both Battlestars back before i knew how to use events, I thought enabling it would make it so the mission fails if any of the ships with it enabled are destroyed. Thanks.


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