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Stuff we saw on youtube! (redux!)

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I have not! I'll add it to my subscriptions :-)


Never heard of this youtuber before but she's been doing the rounds.

Okay so a day ago Mito posted this on discord:

As a guy living in the Netherlands it's very interesting to see how a Canadian views our cities. I wasn't aware that some of the most dire roads I've seen are just... standard in North America.

Meanwhile in the more grim aspects of things, LegalEagle neatly explains that US police forces do not have a duty to protect (whilst medical emergency personel does). It's one hell of a combination with qualified immunity.

Big fan of Not Just Bikes, it's a great channel for urban planning in general. Sadly Australia is blighted by the stroads scourge as well, and suburbs were a mistake.

His channel keeps popping up in my recommendations, and as someone who's spent pretty much his whole life in suburban hell, it's incredibly eye-opening.


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