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Stuff we saw on youtube! (redux!)

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Scourge of Ages:
I'd like to second (fourth?) the recommendation for Not Just Bikes. Every one of those videos just makes me sad to live here in California.

Also: Sophie and Legal Eagle are also great


In which PhilosophyTube talks about HOW THE RULE OF LAW IS UNDER THREAT.

Scourge of Ages:
Anybody play Elden Ring? Statistically, that seems pretty likely, actually. Well here's a funny animated Elden Ring video:


I wasn't aware of
1) how awful the sheer agression in the anglosphere towards cyclists is today
and 2) how it is a very recent phenonemon.

What the **** is wrong with people that ****ing bicycles are now part of a "culture war".

I'll admit to being guilty of that on occasion. I live in part of suburbia that has a lot of narrower two-lane roads where bike lanes aren't remotely a thing, so on the rare occasions when I encounter bike riders on the road, it's usually in the sense of being inconvenienced by them and having to figure out a way around them. It's not really the rider's fault in those cases, but it doesn't make it any less personally annoying. Fair or not, I think it becomes easier from a cognitive sense to lump all cyclists together because there aren't that many of them on the roads around here, whereas everyone drives cars, so they become that "different group" that humans are so good at singling out, and their traffic infractions stick out in your brain more. Like, I still remember getting physically hit by a (fortunately slow-moving) bike in college which failed to yield a clearly-marked crosswalk to me when I was on foot, and that probably colors my thinking on bikes to this day. It's definitely not a fair way to think, but it still happens.


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