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RE-RELEASE: Fall of Epsilon Pegasi

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Admiral Nelson:
While the Aquitaine battles Shivans in the nebula beyond Gamma Draconis, the Epsilon Pegasi 6th Fleet must defend against the attacks of the Neo-Terran Front...

This campaign by legendary contributor Blaise Russell has received a remaster and is ready for your entertainment in 2022!  It features 10 quality missions, with a mixture of voice acting and synthetic speech!

NEW Skybox replacing old nebulae effects
NEW NTF skins by Nyctaeus used for all NTF vessels
NEW Nameplates for all vessels
NEW Low quality TTS files replaced with more modern, higher quality TTS
NEW compatible with current MediaVPs
NEW bugfixing


2.1 Credits
Admiral Nelson: FREDing, new TTS recordings, nameplates
Nyctaeus: EP skybox, NTF skins

1.1 Credits:
Blaise Russel for doing the campaign in the first place, of course ;)
Son of Orion, for doing some very immersive acting! beware alpha 3
Darkblade, for being just an awesome actor as Admiral Wilson!
rbxplayer 'Clive Scerri', for acting more than one char, and doing it great!
bigchunk1 for not liking TTS so much that he just had to voice one char himself   :yes:
Black Wolf for showing that you can help very much even if you do only a few lines!
Fightermedic, for voicing Alpha 2, creating the bulk of the TTS, organizing and releasing the 1.1 version

Tried this remaster out and it was very good.  Hope to see other old campaigns remastered soon and maybe some not originally on Knossos being uploaded

Iain Baker:
Definitely added to my 'must play soon' playlist  :nod: :)

I also noticed an error.

I just played mission 1 through the campaign and mission 9 through the techroom.  Neither have the NTF skins (the Orion in mission 9 doesn't look like the Orion in the thread screenshot here.  It just looks like a normal 4.5 MVP Orion).

Also, the NTF cruisers in mission 1 didn't have the NTF skins and the allied cruisers didn't have nameplates.

Admiral Nelson:
Are you playing the older release perchance?  It should say version 2.0.2 in Knossos. If you have 2.0.1-2 selected you won't see any of these changes.

It should look like this:


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