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Herkie sent me an update on FB he authorized me to post here:

-There will be a small update to how the two versions of AFR are labeled.  What was previously called the 'alternate' version...and was the canon ending for AFR that will lead into TBG...will be called the "Official Version" in the upcoming AFR update.  I don't know yet what Herkie will call the non-canon version.  Herkie said you might need to create a new pilot file when this comes around.

-Herkie told me to specifically post some of these update notes he made for upcoming AFR fixes:

"Player Order Options:
--- I fixed that mistake. There are ships you cannot order especially if you are a merc, a civilian; you can't order military ships. Also in the military or police, you can't just order a whole wing outright, or an entire squadron, or multiple squadrons, or capital ships (expect for special circumstances). Eventually, when your rank goes higher, you get to order an entire task force of cruisers and corvettes and ALL squadrons. This sets the authority you actually have.

Capital Ship Missions Traitor Bug:
--- Auto-turret will actually flag you a traitor. I don't know why this is so. The player doesn't have control of these. I don't have this problem with FSO 3.7.4. I fixed this. All capship missions has the "No Traitor" flag. Now, if you manage to kill friendlies, that's on you. No special debriefs on that matter. But you might actually fail the mission.

Mission: Double Crossed
--- I tried the SEXP "allow treason-true" which is an equivalent to flagging the "no traitor" option because I want the "no traitor" status after a specific event. But it does not work. So I ticked the "No Traitor" in the mission specs  instead. Although, you cannot destroy your companions before the "event."

Mission: Client Rescue
--- I fixed the Denver docking issue. The latest Triton model registered a docking error: wrong docking name (sort of). I had to use the old MVPS 2014 model because that's all I have. I can't use the latest builds and MVPs to fix the model. Yeah, my situation is wierd. I posted something about this in HLP.

Mission: Routine Patrol
--- I fixed the patrol failing error. When the patrol is finished (the 1st message flashing in the HUD), you won't fail. The 1-second delay is gone.

Mission: Turkey Shoot
--- The "formation" fail error is fixed. Immediately when Snipes' chat message saying to "fire at will" shows, player can blast things immediately. No more delay for chat.

Mission: A Case of Dejavu
--- I fixed the "illogical" mission objective of destroying the beam turrets. If you destroy the ship without killing the beams, the mission fails? What? It was ridiculous, I know. A simple fix.

Mission: Keeping Our Gains
--- Protecting the Asura. The friendly cruisers are not rotating to face the target. Now, these assets are fixed in their positions but they still rotate. This is good for fixed artillery strike missions. But newer FSO builds did something to the "Don't Move" option. So I did the fix by adding assets using the same model but have 0 value forward and backward velocities. Plus I used some elaborate SEXPs to do "ship swapping" in the mission. The effect undetectable, you won't see it.

Mission: Convoy Raiders
--- The Capella blowing up instead of jumping out (the mission did not fail) is fixed. By the way, "jumping out" is the proper term. "Warping out" is from Star Trek; the ship accelerating to FTL and not entering a vortex. Actual "warp out" exit is featured in TBG. See video in my previous post.

Grammar Errors:
--- I did many grammar fix. Added or modified some texts to make things clear. However, there will still be more grammatical errors. Most of which I'm not even aware of. I am not a natural-born english speaking person. Sorry."

I am currently in the process of uploading the updates to my MediaFire account which will be taken down by October because it's a free account and it's 12 years old. MediaFire is urging to me to upgrade for a premium account.


The latest and my last update has been released. This is my last modding endeavor because it's been difficult for me to focus and I keep on forgetting things now. Yeah, I am really getting old for this.

However, I will still be around in HLP answering to your questions and giving some hints

Here are the download links:

The Aftermath Reboot Update

The Blue Guardian Update

In the TBG download:

The 'missions' and 'root' files were new, but the 'assets' file had the same date as the previous (June) version.


--- Quote from: CT27 on July 30, 2022, 09:09:29 pm ---In the TBG download:

The 'missions' and 'root' files were new, but the 'assets' file had the same date as the previous (June) version.

--- End quote ---

I have to include the "Assets" file just in case I missed something. My forgetfulness is getting ridiculous.


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