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Steam Deck - I will pay a nerd to get Knossos working.

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Now it it time for the controls, what i would do is go to the steam deck game mode.. and either bind all the controls in the steam control layout, or look for my community layout(In Order to do so Do Not Rename fs2_open22_0_0_X64.Appimage Just yet, Instead Open My Community layout[Look In community Layouts and You will see Freespace Steamdeck] and Save it as a Template, Then You Can Change The file Name and Import the Freespace Layout to any Free space Game, Do note you would Have To rebind the Ingame binds Manually, Unless Their was a Way to Share binds as a file) , and bind these buttons in game, here is my layout:

Left Trackpad
make it into a touch menu, i name it to communications menu, Here are the binds that will have to be rebinded ingame

    Touch Menu Buttons    | Keyboard Input Command (Not Numpad Binds)| Ingame Control Config(Misc Tab)|17Engage Enemy28Disable My Target39Disarm My Target4Page UpAttack My Target54Form On My Wing65Capture My Target76Attack My Subsystem8Page DownIgnore My Target91Return To Base102Rearm Me113Cover Me120Protect My TargetLeft Pad Click[Long Press](Optional)Backspace(Optional)Communications Menu(Optional)
Why the binds for page up and page down, and the number keys(not numpad keys), because they also double as the selection menu for communicating with your squad, page up and page down also function as page up and down for the ingame 'message what' menus hud,
now there are two ways to initiate a command, either by pressing the commands directly, then give the orders to the selected squad member, or by pressing the communications menu button first, then select the squad member, then give the command order. I prefer the 1st option, and this is why i have the left touchpad like that
. In addition the communications menu button can be used to cancel giving communications, but so can the Esc key, and that is why the communications menu bind is optional.

Right Trackpad
also a touchmenu,(note i would bind this last as a touchmenu just to make it easier as the mouse navigator)

Touch Menu Buttons   | Keyboard Input Command (Numpad Binds)| Ingame Control Config(Misc Tab)|1Numpad 7Increase Weapon Energy2Numpad 8Increase Shield Energy3Numpad 9Augment Forward Shield4Numpad -Increase Engine Energy5Numpad 4Transfer Energy Shield -> Weapon 6Numpad 5Augment Left Shield7Numpad 6Transfer Energy Weapon -> Shield 8Numpad +Augment Right Shield9Numpad 1Decrease Weapon Energy10Numpad 2Decrease Shield Energy11Numpad 3Augment Rear Shield12Numpad 0Decrease Engine EnergyRight Pad Click[Long Press]Numpad EnterEqualize Energy Settings
note: the reason i binded the controls to the numpad is because, it was just convient to do so.

Left Joystick: I changed it to a directional pad

Buttons    | Controller/Joystick Input Commands | Ingame Control Config(Ship Tab)|Left Stick UpDpad Up/Joy-0 Hat ForwardUp ThrustLeft Stick RightDpad Right/Joy-0 Hat RightRight ThrustLeft Stick DownDpad Down/Joy-0 Hat BackDown ThrustLeft Stick LeftDpad Left/Joy-0 Hat LeftLeft ThrustL3 ClickLeft Stick Click/Joy-0 Button 10Glide When Pressed

Right Joystick: As a Joystick mouse for navigating menus

     Buttons/Axis   | Controller/Joystick Input Commands | Ingame Control Config(Targeting/Ship Tab)|Right Stick X-Axis(Left-Right)Mouse X Axis(Left-Right)Turn (Yaw) Axis(Ship Tab)Right Stick Y-Axis(Up-Down)Mouse Y Axis(Up-Down)Pitch Axis(Ship Tab)R3 ClickRight Stick Click/Joy-0 Button 11Target Ship In Reticle(Targeting Tab)
note , i changed the Ingame Mouse Sensitivity to the Minimum, and changed the steam mouse sensitivity to %1000, and deadzone inner to 900 and deadzone outer to max

Triggers and Back Buttons: note axis, including trigger axis can only be bound to ingame axis not buttons,

Buttons/Axis|   Keyboard/Controller/Joystick Input Commands   |       Ingame Control Config         L1/Left BumperLeft Mouse Click/ Mouse Left ButtonFire Primary Weapon(Weapons Tab)L2/Left TriggerMiddle Mouse Click/ Mouse Mid ButtonFire Secondary Weapon(Weapons Tab)L4/Left Grip TopLeft Bumper/ Joy-0 Button 5Launch Countermeasure(Weapons Tab)L5/Left Grip BottomLeft Shift Key/ShiftShift Modifier(No Tab, but in bottom left corner)R1/Right BumperRight Mouse Click/ Mouse Right ButtonAfterburner(Ship Tab)R2/Right TriggerRight Trigger Analog[Full Pull(Enter)]/ Joy-0 RZ AxisAbsolute Throttle Axis(Ship Tab)R4/Right Grip TopRight Bumper/ Joy-0 Button 6Reverse Thrust(Ship Tab)R5/Right Grip BottomRight Alt Key/AltAlt Modifier(No Tab, but in bottom left corner)
Note: the Right Trigger is bound to both  RZ axis and the fulll pull enter, because it is just a Easy way to access the Enter key

Left Dpad And Left Menu Button(The tiny Button between The Left Dpad And left Joystick with the two Window Icons)
This Will Take advantage of the Modifiers Shift and Alt(L5 and R5) , and the left menu button will have a hold bind
the reason that the Dpad is binded to the arrow keys is to navigate the menus Easier, and to have modifiers, since mouse and joysticks are not allowed to have modifiers.

  JoyHat/Button  |Keyboard/Controller/Joystick Input Commands|  Ingame Control Config  |  Shift Modifier Ingame   |     Alt Modifier Ingame     |Shift-Alt Modifier IngameLeft Menu ButtonTab KeyChase View(Misc Tab)Toggle Auto Speed Matching(Misc Tab)Add Or Remove Escort(Misc Tab)Toggle Auto Pilot(Misc Tab)Left Menu Button(Hold)SpacebarToggle High HUD Contrast(Misc Tab)Toggle Auto Targeting(Targeting Tab)Clear Escort List(Misc Tab)Enter Subspace(End Mission)(Misc Tab)DPadUpUp Arrow KeyView Up(Misc Tab)Target Next Closest Hostile Ship(Targeting Tab)Target Next Closest Friendly Ship(Targeting Tab)Increase Time Compression(Misc Tab)DPadRightRight Arrow KeyView Right(Misc Tab)Target Next Hostile Bomb Or Bomber(Targeting Tab)Target Next Escort Ship(Targeting Tab)Cycle Nav Point(Misc Tab)DPadDownDown Arrow KeyView Rear(Misc Tab)Target Previous Closest Hostile Ship(Targeting Tab)Target Previous Closest Friendly Ship(Targeting Tab)Decrease Time Compression(Misc Tab)DPadLeftLeft Arrow KeyView Left(Misc Tab)Target Next Subsystem(Targeting Tab)Target Next Uninspected Cargo(Targeting Tab)Turn Off Targeting Computer(And Auto Targeting Too)(Targeting Tab)
Right Face Buttons(A,B,X,Y) And Right Menu Button(The tiny Button between The Right Joystick And Right Face Buttons with the three Lines)
The Right menu button will have a hold bind

       Buttons      |Keyboard/Controller/Joystick Input Commands|           Ingame Control Config            Right Menu ButtonEscPause Menu(No Tab)Right Menu Button(Hold)F2Options Menu(No Tab)A ButtonA Button/Joy-0 Button 1Cycle Primary Weapon Firing Rate(Weapons Tab)B ButtonB Button/Joy-0 Button 2Cycle Secondary Weapon Firing Rate(Weapons Tab)X ButtonX Button/Joy-0 Button 3Cycle Secondary Weapon Bank(Weapons Tab)Y ButtonY Button/Joy-0 Button 4Cycle Forward Primary Weapon(Weapons Tab)
Last We have the Gyro As an output of Left Joystick
Axis | Controller/Joystick Input Commands | Ingame Control Config(Ship Tab)|GyroLeft Stick Analog/ Joy-0 X AxisBank Axis(Ship Tab) I have adjusted the deadzone on the gyro around 5, so that way it is not sensitive

These are all the binds That You may Need

Colonol Dekker:
Dude, that's a long read, but I hope it works for the OP and you get yourself something shiny 👍🏻👍🏻


--- Quote from: Nu_Register on January 30, 2023, 03:57:28 am ---Okay, I am new here, but i Have successfully installed openfreespace via knossos with it working in gaming mode and without owning freespace 1 or 2, and having all the different games as their launchers, in fact i have done it months ago(4-6 months), sorry for not informing
so here are the steps.
1. make sure the deck is unlocked and use the command with konsole:
sudo pacman -S base-devel

2. Make sure to git clone and install the AUR's,(both knossos and the two python dependencies that are not pakages(python-raven, and python token-bucket respectfully)
and make sure to change directory first , i would do these console commands with konsole:
cd /home/deck/   this is my recommended directory
git clone
git clone
git clone

then i would
cd /home/deck/fs2-knossos/
makepkg -si

this will try to install as many dependencies as possible, install most of those dependencies(which are packages) with konsole by typing:
 sudo pacman -S
(note: some of those dependencies might be outdated with this command and must be installed manually via downloading the mirror of the packages manually and typing in konsole
sudo pacman -U
then just drag and drop the file to konsole to finish the rest of the line)
, then it is time to install the aur packages :
cd /home/deck/python-raven/
makepkg -si

cd /home/deck/python-token-bucket/
makepkg -si

and finally
cd /home/deck/fs2-knossos/
makepkg -si

now if theses steps work, knossos is successfully installed.

you could now delete these AUR folders and files contained in them

3. now it is time to open knossos and install some games, and the open freespace engine,

a warning would appear, for me anyway, "A critical error occurred! Knossos might not work correctly until you restart it"",  and just press okay for around 25 to 100 times until the warning window will not show up anymore,
if you follow these steps, knossos would not be used as a launcher and only just as a installer

first i would change the install directory, i have it set up to the SD card and it the game works, and i made sure the folder was /freespaceopen
so click on the gear icon(settings menu) under the close (x button) to get started, i have the stable version as the engine selected under the knossos tab,
under the Joystick tab, joystick Microsoft X-box 360 Pad 0(the steamdeck pad)
video: 1280 X 800. i keep everything else default., then click on the green Save button

now click explore and install a game,
I installed wing commander saga 0.9.6, seems to be the most stable with the steam deck, and it is a native application.
after it is done installing,
make sure it works by pressing the play button, if the intro works, you have installed it, to close the application, hold the steam button and press B, it would open up the keyboard and you will be sent to back desktop, now right click the freespace application and close
now time to play the game without the knossos application, first click on the settings button(the gear wheel under the x button), click on the dropdown menu on the knossos tab, look in the library Path, and go to that path using the dolphin browser, it should be../freespaceopen, now go to /bin/FSO-22.0.0/Linux/, and right glick  the fs2_open_22_0_0x64.AppImage file and go to properties (go to the permission tab and make sure is executable is checked), then copy the file
now  go back to the freespaceopen directory and you will see a folder for each game installed, go to the game folder, in my case /Wing_Commander_Saga/Wing_Commander_Saga-0.9.6 and paste the file in that folder, now open the file to test that it works, If so you can now play the game without requring Knossos,(note: you will have to do that with every game you own, A symlink might be possible)

and finally it is time to add the game to steam, so that way it can be played in gaming mode with full controller support, left or right click on the steam icon on the bottom right the the screen and click library, then click add a Non-Steam-game, (note adding a game on linux is not as intuitive on widows, because windows allows us to use explorer, but in linux we cannot use dolphin, so if you have the freespace directory installed in linux, it would generally be in /run/media/and the folder that starts with the m)
find the fs2_open_22_0_0x64.AppImage file that is the specific one you pated to the game directory. and double click and open. make sure the file is checked and click add selected to library , now scroll down in the games tab and find fs2_open_22_0_0x64.AppImage, and right click and select properties, here you can change the name without changing the file*i have changed mine to (Wing_Commander_Saga), and since this a native linux app, make sure steam play compatibility (in the compatibility tab) is disabled

now you have successfully installed and added the game to steam, now it is time for the hard part setting up the controls.

--- End quote ---

This method works great for others trying to get FreespaceOpen to run, but the Bounty specifically requested KNOSSOS. With home help from taylor, I've updated the instructions at the start to get knossos running via Gaming mode.

As a further Update:

PhantomHoover  has a flatpack build for Knossos, and taylor's instructions helped me revise the first post to work with the current version of SteamOS. The hangup now is getting the formalities of distribution on the Discovery Store worked out. I am not a developer. not even a little, so unless someone has a good lead on how to do this, I"m out. Offer still stands to whoever can Knossos distributed on the Discover Software Center.

Until then, just go back to the first post after every SteamOS update and run that stuff again. It's been simplified some.

I think the primary issue with Discover is that these are technically unofficial builds and they don't like that. But once we get all of these various changes merged into the main repo and are able to put out a proper official release, it should be much easier to get it submitted/approved.


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