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Would a GTI or NTF victory have been worse?

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Arguably the NTF has already won: Bosch's whole goal was to talk to the Shivans. He has now done this. The rest was always irrelevant to him.

I do think that the NTF winning and securing its independence would be a massive problem in the long run. I can't see the terran-vasudan alliance lasting when it can't protect its own civilians from ethnic cleansing (although the NTF systems aren't techincally 'vasudan systems' doesn't mean that Vasudans didn't use to live there before the NTF happened).

As for the GTI, I can't see any situation in the FreeSpaceVerse where a attempt to subjegate (or even annihilate) the Vasudans would be helpful for anybody. Though the consequences that ST:R paints are catastrophic, any regime change in the GTA that prevents the GTVA from forming at all would be catastrophic in the long run what with the eventual shivan threat.

I wouldn't, personally, say that Bosch contacting the Shivans qualifies as NTF victory ... Bosch destroys the NTF to do it, and the Monologue make clear that this result was always in the cards. He might zave been the leader but he only needed the NTF as a means to an end.

If the GTVA had given him a go-ahead for ETAK he probably would not have even involved in the NTF.

Colonol Dekker:
Soooo, this discussion, is counting the NTF and its political goals as a separate entity to Bosch and his personal objectives? (As it should)

In that case,  I still choo choo choose the GTI.


--- Quote from: 0rph3u5 on January 13, 2023, 11:31:27 pm ---If the GTVA had given him a go-ahead for ETAK he probably would not have even involved in the NTF.

--- End quote ---

Right, but in that case the NTF would not have existed to begin with, right?

The NTF might have been inevitable, even without Bosch.

Considering the force he was able to amass and the devotion of the ideas of Neo-Terra inspired, the social currents Bosch gribed hold of might have coalesed anyway. In the monologues that point is also alluded to (something something being unable to stop what I created something something).

Remember that the underlying psychology of the GTVA is fear of the Shivan threat, which is sure to inspire a counter-culture; including seeking a more readily availible other to turn into an evil that justifies any action.

However the process that created the NTF in canon is pretty vague, alllusions are made to a few tropes e.g. a "golden age"-narrative. So the assumption of a Bosch-less NTF can be safe.


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