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Admiral Nelson:
Vassago's Dirge

--- Quote from: General Battuta on July 26, 2010, 08:27:19 pm ---One of the most compelling, atmospheric, artistic mods the community has seen, delivered by an auteur and a peerless FREDder. Like the titular dirge, it is both beautiful and funereal - a desaturated journey into the most compelling and unearthly parts of the FreeSpace universe.

There are moments in this campaign that will shock, and others - more disturbing yet - that will chill you with their unsettling, eerie familiarity.

And there are ridiculously, ridiculously cool moments, masterstrokes of honed FREDcraft. Perfect, invisible control in some missions; in others feats of modding I didn't believe feasible.

Also, the use of music is just something else.
Play it.

--- End quote ---

Vassago's Dirge is a masterwork of one of HLP's most legendary modders.  Now it can be enjoyed with full voice acting and current FSO and MVPs builds! If you've played before, now is a great time to revisit this classic. If you haven't played it before, what are you waiting for?


[DOWNLOAD] - Use Knossos:
Click below to get started. The latest revision is 1.3.3.


Axem - Original concept and campaign
Admiral Nelson - Patch as documented below, FREDing, voice editing, etc.
MJN.Mixael - Remastered cbani,s

Voice Acting:
Andreas Rybak - Voice of Alpha 3
Colonol Dekker - voice of Captain White
Goober5000 - voice of SAR 2
Iain Baker - voice of Captain Sibelius

Special thanks to Paraspacer / Gamma39er for new Vasudan translator method.
Special thanks to Lafiel for error checking, repackaging and uploading to Knossos


NEW Full voice acting, feature a mix of live actors and AI
NEW Remastered cbanims
NEW Spelling / grammar checked
NEW Made compatible with FSO 23.0 and MVPs v. 4.6.8
NEW many bugfixes

Full changelog in spoilers below. Don't read if you haven't played before!
Spoiler:General edits
Made compatible with 23.0 and MVPs 4.6.8
Voiced the campaign
Spell check / grammar fixes
Changed message timings throughout to reflect voice line timing
Added Cagliari station and its Ganymedes to a collision group to improve performance
Fixed HUD appearing incorrectly in cutscenes
Fixed custom gauges not working correctly
Updated Axem message box to current version, switched vfonts to TTF for legibility
Fixed subtitles to scale with resolution
Fixed nameplate transparency - the old ones looked black on PBR models
Added NTF skin to the Orpheus
Turned on 3d ship and weapons select in mod tbm
Corrected the cockpit engine sound of the Mara to be the Shivan sound effect
Updated cbanims with current models and corrected typo. Converted all cbamins to APNG

Mission edits


Fixed sequence of send-message-list events to prevent more than one conversation taking place at the same time
Edited message "ORF Won't do you" to be clearer about what the ESM sensor does


The Shivan cruiser would incorrectly destroy the Thunderhorse when fire-beam was triggered. Made it temporarily invul while the cruiser is firing
The Vassago would often miss the Thunderhorse when it jumped in.  Changed fire-beam to target specific subsystems, and make sure it is always destroyed


The comm node would often not be destroyed by the beam attack. Ensured that it always is destroyed



That's cool~ :yes: :yes: :yes:

Awesome! Well deserved!


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