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Admiral Nelson:
Blue Planet: The Battle Captains

--- Quote from: General Battuta on February 06, 2014, 09:15:55 am ---This is addictive and engaging. The difficulty's in exactly the right spot and it's fun to try out different tactics...  - I like how the situation incentivizes you to get right up close with the Leviathans and eat their hurt in the name of keeping the transports alive. Narrative-gameplay assonance!

This mission feels very FS2. It does a great job of capturing the gameplay atmosphere - the slower ROF and more direct tactics. And I loved the little bits of narrative. The failure debrief in particular will certainly be provocative to certain Steele fans  ;)

--- End quote ---

Blue Planet: The Battle Captains tells to story of two the great battle captains of the age, whose commanding prowess has shaped the war in Sol:

-Anita Lopez and the GTD Carthage cover the GTVA's retreat from the nebula, while holding back overwhelming Shivan attacks.

-Cyrus Severanti captains the GTCv Steadfast, defending Luzon Station from an NTF assault, staying in command despite heavy personal injury.

Battle Captains has now been updated to work with current FSO builds and MediaVPs as well as been fully voiced!


[DOWNLOAD] - Use Knossos:
Click below to get started. The latest revision is 2.0.1.


Lepanto - Original concept and campaign
Admiral Nelson - Patch as documented below, FREDing, voice editing, etc.

Voice Acting:
Andreas Rybak - Voice of Steadfast Gunnery
Colonol Dekker - voice of Carthage XO
DizzyKoop - voice of Cyrus Severanti
Ertanax - voice of Steadfast XO
Goober5000 - voice of GTC Lubeck
Nyctaeus - voice of Admiral Kowalski
Renegade Paladin - voice of Luzon Station
Sparda- voice of Captain Santiago


NEW Full voice acting, featuring a mix of live actors and AI
NEW Spelling / grammar checked
NEW Made compatible with Blue Planet Complete 3.2.3, FSO 23.0 and MVPs 4.6.8
NEW many bugfixes
NEW removed the need to download old BPC - eliminating a 3.3 GB download(!)
NEW Updated Axem message box to current version, switched vfonts to TTF for legibility
NEW Added NTF skins to the Kiowa and Nakura
NEW Added missing nameplates where appropriate


Trivial Psychic:
Wasn't there also supposed to be a Steele mission?

Admiral Nelson:
Yes, but Lepanto never finished it.

Colonol Dekker:
Apologies to any Irish players in advance 😆


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