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Crucible error


On mission 2 of the campaign Crucible (re-released recently on Knossos), there is a small technical error on mission 2 "Sting Like A Bee."

To get a certain bonus objective you have to not leave any enemy cargo behind.  I did that (I captured two pieces of cargo and all others were destroyed) but the debriefing said I left cargo behind.  Is it possible that only capturing two pieces of cargo doesn't count for the objective?

This may not seem like a big deal, but if you get all bonus objectives in the campaign you get a different ending I found.

I'll take a look at this.

Ok, I looked at the mission, although I didn't play it.  I don't see any errors in the event logic.  Are you sure you destroyed all the containers?  Did you get the "Intelligence is pleased with the cargo that was retrieved" debriefing stage?

The other thing to check is whether you jumped out too quickly.  The bonus goal becomes true 2 seconds after all the cargo is destroyed but 8 seconds after the cargo is captured.

I was able to capture two cargo containers but all others were destroyed (I try to be very careful in aiming but it seems some containers get blown up when the freighters explode no matter what).

Bottom line:  there were no cargo containers left behind, but the debriefing still told me to not leave stuff behind for the Shivans.


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