Would you like to see Wing Commander discussion boards?

No, I want HLP to stay dedicated to FreeSpace only.
11 (22.4%)
No, not Wing Commander. Maybe another game would be ok.
2 (4.1%)
Yes, I'd like to see Wing Commander boards.
36 (73.5%)

Total Members Voted: 49

Author Topic: Wing Commander coverage?  (Read 16707 times)

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Re: Wing Commander coverage?
Okay,okay I'll never say it?Uhm what was that,maybe ***?
I mentioned *** because the idea of a big request by a very high number of fans would make the engine work...

Burn him,burn him!  :hopping:

I tell this to myself so you don't have to repeat it.
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Re: Wing Commander coverage?
SERIOUSLY...! | {The Sandvich Bar} - Rhino-FS2 Tutorial | CapShip Turret Upgrade | The Complete FS2 Ship List | System Background Package

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Re: Wing Commander coverage?
Self-flagellating n00bs... its like some kind of wonderful dream.
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Re: Wing Commander coverage?
:shaking: We have to add the holy trinity of rules to the signup page.

A- Dont mention "F..............S....................3"
B-NEVER, NEVER, Never, mention D*r*k Sm*rt.
C-Ahhh, crap whats the other one?

C. Never mention Derek Smart making FS3?  :nervous:

Seemed to fit. :)
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Re: Wing Commander coverage?
:jaw: He said it without the magic * over every vowel trick yet my eyes aren't bleeding.........HERESY !!!


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Re: Wing Commander coverage?
PSA Announcement: "Read the following, remember the following..." - By Trumbar I think.

(click for large image)...

That will be all... And never mention initials  D.S. and the forbidden Alpha Numeric code in the same thread. Thank you for your cooperation...

(Flashy-Thingies people if needed...)  :nod:
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Re: Wing Commander coverage?
Sorry!  ;)

As pennance: *******

I shall remember to properly block out my vowels in the future.
What we perceive is more a reflection of ourselves than of our environment.


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Re: Wing Commander coverage?
Careful about blocking your vowels... fiber will loosen them up again.

I'm slightly worried that the influx of WC fans would interfer with normal HLP affairs, however, the Inferno people seem to stick to themselves a lot, and it would bring more attention to HLP.