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HLP moved to a new server - summary
As you probably noticed in this topic, HLP moved to a new server. This same server hosts both and MatthewPapa owns the server and pays the expenses. Both communities admins will do their best to ensure that financial situation stays on green and proper running of the server can be ensured. Both communities had a donation drive earlier, all the donations we have received will be used to pay for the monthly expenses.

The main techical admins will be MatthewPapa and taylor, with HLP admins such as me backing them up whenever necessary. Give MatthewPapa your thanks for providing the server and taylor for setting up majority of the server. Before the move both HLP and GW admins were well aware that hosting both communities on the same server will hurt redundancy in a case of technical problems. But the truth is that we need to minimize financial risks and improve stability that way.

As for why we had to move, this topic was heavily discussed here. To sum it up, our earlier server was unrealiable and plagued by a myriad of technical problems and our host did not even reply to our inquiries. That's right, not a single reply regardless of what channel we used to contact them. Avoid Servelocity at all costs if you ever consider getting a virtual private/dedicated server. Our new host is Layered Technologies and this new server is not virtual but a dedicated server. I hope our experience with the new host will prove to be a smooth and pleasing one.

The move itself went quite painlessly, now we need to wait about 12 additional hours to ensure that DNS has fully propagated around the globe before we will change the forums, etc. to use instead of direct IP-address. Until then you might need to login twice and may encounter some problems when using instead of IP-address.

Majority of the hosted project sites are working as they did before, a few such as The Apocalypse Project, Cold Element, Skippy's Campaign List are not working properly and these sites will have our attention as soon as possible.

Also, hosted project download links that refer to are not working at the moment.
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Re: HLP moved to a new server - summary
sorry for the bump, but I have an URGENT concern that needs to be taken care of

check your PMs Sandwich

everyone that sees sandwich in the next day please tell him to check his PMs

Re: HLP moved to a new server - summary
uh oh, that sounds bad...
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Re: HLP moved to a new server - summary
34sp-"we got hacked" bad or dreamhost-"just a power problem" bad?
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Re: HLP moved to a new server - summary
What's going on, anyone know?


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Re: HLP moved to a new server - summary
I thought the news were good...
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Re: HLP moved to a new server - summary
Jeez, people. Such worry-warts. :p It's all taken care of - it never was bad per se, just urgent, time-wise. :)
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