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Well, darn.

Not surprising, but sad. Not like I've been active on here for years anyway, but I literally just installed Knossos...

RIP WoD and so many different ambitious projects.

Thanks for these great campaigns. I am one of the lurkers who just visits here for 20 years but never got an account. (I feel a bit guilty so I made an account.)
I think it is safe to assume that all the releases are played a lot more than people would think.

For me WoD is already a classic and I will replay it just as some Marios for the decades to come.
When you first released and I played the first minute or so I expected something like a cringy fanfic with copy paste content from animes.

But you really made it work. Please make sure to share some info here when your game is released, old dudes like me have disposable income and when its from you there is no need to worry about quality.


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