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The Darkest Dawn is Cleared for Launch

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--- Quote from: MatthTheGeek on July 22, 2012, 03:24:52 pm ---Fat chance, WCS has not released debug builds. Which means you have to go ask the devs to send you one.

--- End quote ---
The original dl link for the debug build is hidden in some thread on the support forum I'm too lazy to dig right now. Meaning it is not available on their main dl page ...

EDIT - attachment removed, see two posts below

If I were you I'd be careful about distributing non-public WCS assets  :nervous:

Well, technically, it should still be on their forum, free for anyone to pick. I just don't want to look up their forum to find it.

EDIT - There, I looked it up anyway : topic were Tolwyn gives a debug build + dl link for the build itself.

Sorry to be late to the party, but I'd like to take a moment to say that I appreciate the work you have done on Saga, and the adamant effort commited throughout the long development cycle. Though Wing Commander and Freespace fans may not always see eye to eye on certain matters, it is great to see a classic franchise ported into this very Fresspace engine, opening a great number of possibilities for many additional content based on the setting that has been a milestone of space sim history.

Tolwyn, KeldorKatarn, gevatter lars, you, as well as the entire Wing Commander Saga development team, have my sincere gratitude for the accomplishments you have made in the creation of Wing Commander Saga. You deserve all the praise you get, and I wish you great prosperity in all of your future endeavours.

Furthermore, please do not take any criticism of your work as hostility. Though I personally may not agree with all the design decisions you have made, a critical view is not intended to belittle your contributions to the communities of both Freespace and Wing Commander. Even the most well-designed of projects can not be made entirely free from quirks, blemishes or glitches, and through confronting these issues, improvements are made. Even if absolute perfection is impossible, a developer can still converge towards it.

Eye _con:
Ok so I got this late last week and I can't seem to get away from it. I usually don't do the whole gaming thing. That is I'm a binger, I don't play many games but when I do find a great game and play the heck out of it. Usually when I'm done I'm done. It takes a really really good game for me to go through a second time and I think this is definitely worth a second play through... I can tell already!!!

OMG!!! 50 missions!!! I'm sooo screwed for the next week. I had a 4 day weekend and couldn't wrestle my self away I think I'm probably some where in the area between 35 and 40... but it just keeps going and going WOW!!!

This is an absolutely STELLAR game!!!  The voice acting, the characters, the variety of ships to fly, missions you fly, I keep going out on missions thinking geez you know it would be nice to just have one... like ONE damned mission where NOTHING hahappens like I do a patrol and its all clear but NOOOOOO there's always kitties to pick on! Its great though... The emotion Cheese and Crackers the emotion!!! I can't remember the last time I started throwing stuff vibrating because I was sooo mand about not saving this ship or stupid invisible dudes keep ramming me... Such a great game!!!

Every aspect of this is epic!


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