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Didn't see the note about posting for troubleshooting in this thread so I had posted in the other one.

I can't get Wings of Dawn to launch after downloading it from Knossos.  I do have both Wings of Dawn and the Wings of Dawn builds downloaded. 

Is there a log I can find and post to help figure this out?

May have come across a bug in "Shopping" I failed the red comet race even after beating the time of 2:45.

It has a manual .exe file called Fs2_open_Wings_of_Dawn-EX17-SSE2.exe . That's what I'm using, but I'm too stubborn to use Knossos and just installed it manually.

So I decided to just try the manual install for WoD and it worked fine.  For some reason the Knossos install will not launch for me at all.  It doesn't give an error or a log I can find (My last log was from 68 days ago or something ridiculous).  I could play with the manual install but I would love to play through Knossos if possible.  While I was fiddling with things I noticed I can no longer launch any of the nightlies through Knossos.  The only build that actually even launches anymore is the 3.8.0 stable build.

There's a knossos log in %appdata%\knossos\log.txt

Try pasting that either here or in #knossos on Discord

Also; is your "Engine Preferred Stability" (Settings->Knossos) still set to "Nightlies"?

Lastly, I presume the 68 day old log is your FSO log? What place on your disk did you get that log from?


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