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--- Quote from: Spoon on January 01, 2019, 06:51:22 am --- I don't really see how this is related to WoD feedback. Please attempt to remain ontopic.

--- End quote ---

I apologize, I was kind of in "discord chat" mode of thought and got distracted.

I just think it's fair to warn the project lead is all.  :blah:

Would recommend the admins/mods who are responsible for policy (of which I am not one) actually open up the patch, investigate, and give it the pass as they see fit. That's all I really have the right to say definitively on the matter, I guess.

Spoiler:As they said on the streets of New Mombasa: Keep it clean.  :warp:

EDIT: I also apologize to Spoon as the tone of my original post was unnecessarily provocative and basically it was a ****post regardless of what I was actually trying to say.

General Battuta:

HLD_Prophecy I'm not sure if you're just trying a really bad attempt at trolling right now, or if you're actually just being idiotic. Kindly stop making really terrible posts, they will be removed from here on.

A. This isn't kindergarden. The average age on this forum well above 18 years old, people can handle optional, opt-in adult content.
B. Your 'warning' and 'recommendation' are not needed or even remotely helpful. Who do you think you are, the morals police?
C. You realize one of the admins is right here on the WoD team, right?
D. Since you admitted you were just ****posting for the heck of it (it's not even funny ****posting), I don't see any reason why I should even take you seriously at all. Do you even know what you're talking about, or did you just see the NSFW warning and started thinking you had some kind of obligation to act like you're a moderator?
E. Grow up please.


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