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After unexpected internet problems pushed this announcement back a couple days, I am pleased to announce a new campaign...

This is a temporary title card (pro-baaa-bly).

What is Shepherds?

Shortly after releasing Walls Closing earlier this year, I resumed work on a bigger project. By August I had a draft down for the storyline of this project, working title Project Olympus, decent progress on most of the missions and tables modified to work. Naturally a bit of fatigue started to wear in, so I finished up any loose problems and put it to the side. I then began work on something that was originally planned to be bite-sized like my first campaign. In the end I've created an unintended sequel for Walls Closing that will link it to the same universe as Project Olympus, and clocking in at a decent size of 9 missions (11 if you include the intro and outro cutscene missions).

What to expect from Shepherds?

-11 missions that are set during the GTVA's retreat to Capella near the end of the Second Incursion.
-Mods such as Axem's In-mission jump script and BP-like HUD, Fury's Fury AI (BP version), Black Wolf's ANIs, and more.

Taking inspiration from (or basically just outright copying :nervous:) Orpheus' The Lost Generation: Ashcroft and NeonShivan's Project: Final Generation WIP threads, here is the progress on this campaign.


Intro: Complete
Mission 1: Complete
Mission 2: Undergoing rework - 90% complete
Mission 3: 25% complete
Mission 4: Complete
Mission 5: Complete
Mission 6: Complete
Mission 7: 10% complete
Mission 8: 50% complete
Mission 9: 50% complete
Outro: No progress

Release date?

I'm aiming to release it for February 7th, which will be a full year since Walls Closing was released. However, if I'm not satisfied with the quality of the campaign then I'll probably post a progress update in it's place at the minimum.

Before getting back to work, I have a few screenshots and the intro cutscene ready for viewing! If the video's blurry for the first 10-15 seconds just wait it out. I blame Youtube.

Intro Cutscene:

Hidden Text: Show

Looks very cool. :)

Amazing, already in love with the cutscene :) :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

That looks wonderful. Not sure it will get me to pick up FS2 again, but allow me to repeat that your campaign looks wonderful.

Awesome camera work on the cutscene. :yes:


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