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I don't get the sheeps stuff, but this thing is gonna be dope :yes:


--- Quote from: Nyctaeus on December 24, 2019, 12:13:45 pm ---I don't get the sheeps stuff, but this thing is gonna be dope :yes:

--- End quote ---

a person who tends and rears sheep.

tend (sheep) as a shepherd.
guide or direct in a particular direction.

I bolded the last point because I found it accurate of what the player will be doing in the campaign; screenshot 5 is from a mission where you get to choose paths to take when escorting a high-value convoy for example.  :)


First off, I know -- it's not the 7th yet. However:

-One, I need a respite from the repetitive task of adding messages,
-Two, I know for certain it won't be done by tomorrow.

Since announcing Shepherds, a lot of ground has been made. Several missions have undergone complete reworks that make them both far more enjoyable then before and help further the plot and keep it nice and smooth. An example of this is the second mission, which was originally a convoy escort mission like first and third missions. Gameplay-wise it felt... repetitive? Boring? I didn't like the idea of having the player wait until the fourth mission for something different.


Intro: Complete
Mission 1: Complete (small rework under consideration)
Mission 2: Rework Complete
Mission 3: Undergoing rework - 25% complete
Mission 4: Complete
Mission 5: Complete
Mission 6: Complete
Mission 7: Undergoing rework - 75% complete
Mission 8: Undergoing rework - 90% complete
Mission 9: 50% complete
Outro: No progress

I should have Missions 7 and 8 done within the week, then focus all my attention back to the juggernaut (heh) that is Mission 3. I reworked the beginning of that mission, and I can say I'm pretty excited to get back to it once I finish 7 and 8. After that I can finish up the last mission, then work on the outro cutscene. There is still some work after that as well; loading screens and mission names, and of course extensive testing of the final campaign file to make sure I've got variables working right (a key part of Shepherds is saving allied ships so that they may assist you in a later mission. The outro cutscene will also list the survivors at the end of the campaign). I'm also debating on reverting the background for Gamma Draconis back to what is seen in the MediaVP's to maintain consistency. On the one hand, it would free up a beautiful skybox for later use for Olympus, on the other it would mean a bit of extra work.

Thank you for reading! Have some new screenshots. :p

Oh that's nice, thanks for the update~ :)

Looking forward to get my hands on the campaing. ;7

This looks very interesting. I'll definitely keep my eye on it.

Also, "sequel" is spelled with two "e"s. :p

Seriously, don't people use spellcheck anymore? :banghead:


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