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Can't Replay 1st in 3-Mission Red-Alert Chain, and Wrong Health is Carried


Trivial Psychic:
For "TBP: In The Beginning", there's a chain of 3 missions, each connected by red-alert to the previous.  I've been testing it out for the first time as part of an actual campaign, to try and make sure you can still have enough hull strength to complete the 3rd in the chain.  Well, during my first attempt, I played it a bit too aggressive, and was down to 3% when starting the 3rd one.  Needless to say, I didn't last long, so I thought I'd just select 'replay previous mission' and try and fly it a bit safer.  I was surprised, when it started me out at 3% health, instead of the 45% I had started with previously.  I thought I'd just kill myself and go back to start the first mission and fly safe from that point, but when I select 'replay previous mission', it just restarts the 2nd mission, again with 3%.  I've looked again at the campaign file, and nothing looks out of the ordinary.  Is this an actual bug?  I've got both the 'replay 2nd mission with end-health' problem, and the 'replay 1st from 2nd mission just replays 2nd' problem.

It's not a "bug" per se, but it is a design flaw.  it's not possible to backtrack more than one mission.  There is a three-mission red-alert sequence in Derelict that suffers the same problem.

Trivial Psychic:
I've been considering enhancing them with campaign-persistent variables to store the hull-strength figure outside of the red-alert method.  I guess it won't solve the no-repeat-beyond-previous problem though.  I thought that BP had a multi-mission chain as well.


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