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Since it's already been over a week since this board was created, I figure that this post is somewhat overdue.  At any rate, welcome one and all to the almost-brand-spankin'-new Voice Acting forum!  I'm hoping that this forum will be a very useful resource for the FreeSpace community as a whole, covering such aspects as new/current voiceactors providing samples of their work, modders looking for voiceacting help with a new project, and general discussion about voiceacting techniques.  With any luck, the existence of this forum will allow modders to avoid the somewhat time-consuming task of finding enough VAs to cover a project by making the process more streamlined and organized.  Since this is something that hasn't really existed in the community up until this point, a lot will have to be played by ear, and I'm sure that as the number of people involved with it continues to expand, the idea will grow and evolve from its roots.  In the meantime, though, I thought that a few general guidelines/comments would be useful for keeping things organized.

For voiceactors:
I'm planning on creating a stickied thread with the names, contact info, and any available sample clips of everyone who's willing to voiceact for campaigns.  For right now, creating a new thread or posting in an existing one with this info is fine, although sending me a PM would probably be the easiest way of keeping everything organized, as well as the best option in the future.  I'll try to get this thread started in the near future, so for anyone who's already posted some of that info, feel free to go back and add anything else.  It would also probably be a good idea to include a short description of your voice, as best as you can make it (male/female, young/old, tone, accent, etc.), as well as that of any additional "voices" you may be able to do.

For modders:
The stickied voiceactors' thread will be the best place to get the info you'll need if you're looking for certain types of voices for specific roles.  Creating a thread asking for general volunteers would also be an option, if that's the way you'd prefer to do things.  I definitely think that each individual project should have its own thread as a place to discuss progress and post completed lines; including links to any threads/sites relevant to the project would also be a good idea.

Other than the more business side of things that's covered above, feel free to discuss anything and everything voiceacting-related, whether it's techniques for dealing with cheap microphones, discussion on how to achieve the best Vasudan vocals/computerized translation, or just general pointers on how to improve your voiceacting.  Like I said, I hope that this forum proves to be a great resource for VAs and FREDders alike.  Enjoy! :)

P.S. I'd also like to extend thanks to Goober5000 for creating this forum and making all of this possible, not to mention giving me mod access to it. :D

Glad to be of service. :)

Anyone looking to assemble a script for their campaign might find the following link handy. :),42558.0.htm


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