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We are proud to release along the official soundtrack for Diaspora's first release: Shattered Armistice. Composed by Philippe "Phrey" Rey, Peter "Flipside" Dibble, and Olivier "Max" Zuccaro the soundtrack for our first episodic release is inspired by the first season and miniseries of Battlestar Galactica.

Some twists on familiar themes are present, but we all wanted an original score to tell the story of the Theseus and her crew.

Music in game is dynamic, so the OST has the tracks remastered for listening.

Disc 1 includes music from cutscenes and more or less follows the narrative of the overall campaign.

Disc 2 includes additional combat music used in multiplayer, and event driven music not directly tied to the campaign storyline.

Diaspora R1 OST torrent:

Diaspora R1 OST Disc 2 torrent:

Diaspora OST on our Youtube channel:

OGG downloads

Currently the OST is in high resolution .ogg. If there is interest .flac versions may be released in the future.

We also wish to acknowledge the work done by Bear McCreary, Richard Gibbs, and Stu Phillips which inspired the music for Diaspora.

Are ppl allowed to upload those to YouTube or is this right reserved for Diaspora Team?

We are going to upload them to youtube down the road on the diasporagame channel.

To be honest, I'd be happier if they were just on the DiasporaGame channel.

Not sure if this is the correct place to express interest, but I'd love a FLAC version if you're considering releasing one.


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