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[RELEASE] Diaspora : Shattered Armistice Patch 1.1

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The Diaspora Team are proud to present Diaspora R1.1.

This patch is exactly the same as Patch 1.1 RC so if you already downloaded that, you're already up to date.

As with previous patches, this patch does not require you to have earlier versions of the patch in order to work (and will in fact delete earlier versions).







Fixed a bug which prevented ships from landing properly.
Add new briefing animations.
Add preliminary Spanish language support.
Fix a Mission 6 crash.
Updated Builds to r10530.


Fix an multiplayer issue with weapon convergence.
Fix an issue where the prometheus wouldn't depart
Add new animations for the volunteer for M3 screen
Fixed M6 breaking if Ion 1 is destroyed.
Added directive counts training missions.


Fix a crash in Mission 6.
Fix an AI bug with drone landings in Training Mission 2.
Fix a problem with Directives not appearing in Training Mission 2.
Add Directive counters to Training Mission 2.
Fix rotation issue with Raptor door.
Alter the timing for civilian jumps in Mission 5.
Adding more missing built in messages.
Fix lack of loading screen errors in debug.
Fix missing art for the MEC-A6 (training) in the techroom.
Fix #weak weapons appearing in the techroom in multiplayer.
Remove/disable debug events in Mission 5.
Add missing cache files.
Update credits file.
Fix issue where Cylon HUD crashes the standalone server.
Fix Mission 6 issues where the Prometheus could be destroyed.


Fix M6 crashes due to #weak weapons.
Fix M6 crashes due show ship using incorrect model when doing the sun ray test.
Added missing gauge for system messages to the HUD.
Fix issues with Multiplayer option screen (hard to see where to click).
Fix mission bugs with Indart survival.
Assign hotkeys to all mission critical fighters.
Minor changes to HUD gadgets.
Added fix to reset collision cache hashes when starting a new mission.
Added fix to properly clean out unnecessary objects in the new collision code.
(Windows) Fix an issue with the kills gauge vanishing.
Update missions for a bug\support for the new key bindings.
Added FS2NetD interface art and fixed all messages to not mention PXO.

Downloading! Congratulations, guys :D

I both code and use Linux, so depending on the difficulty, I may be able to help with porting (or whatever else is required).

Well apemax offered to help already but thanks for the offer.

Any ETA on the Mac OS release?  Anything I can do to help?


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