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Credits - 2334/2335


Black Wolf:

--- Quote ---Credits

The Team:

Matthew "Black Wolf" Weber
Joshua "Lepanto" Nelson.
Admiral Nelson

Frontlines 2334 FREDding by Black Wolf and Lepanto
Frontlines 2335 FREDding by Black Wolf. Lorric and Lepanto

Beta Testing by Lorric, Lepanto, fightermedic and Admiral Nelson

Command Brief Animations by mjn.mixael

Head animations by Black Wolf

Turret hotkey script by m!m

All custom models by Black Wolf except:

GTG Brominos (TVWP Team)
PVG Oasis (TVWP Team)
GTB Mars (Original ship GTB Rhea by Col. Fishguts)

Wind.wav recorded by Mark DiAngelo, available from
Mars Skybox by the BP team
brightbluebox skybox by Axem
Other skyboxed by Black Wolf


AC4 OST - Mr. Adam
My Little Pony Fan Music - Lunar Republic Metal Cover - Freedom's Warcry: Arkane
AC4A OST - Today
AC4A OST - Water Down

Special Thanks to:
Vasudan Admiral
The FS Port team
The SCP and Media VPs teams

Although every effort is made to properly source and thank all contributors, it is possible that we have made use of your assets and failed to accurately credit you. If so, this is an oversight on our part. Please contact us via Hard Light Productions and we will ensure appropriate credit in all future releases.

Thanks for playing!

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