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Black Wolf:
Welcome to the Front Lines!

Frontlines 2334 is a 9 mission minicampaign set in during a Terran invasion of the Vasudan held Deneb system near the end of the Terran-Vasudan war.

Frontlines 2335 is a three mission microcampaign designed to teach you the basics of shieldless dogfighting. It is highly recommended that players start with this campaign.

Mirrored at Freespace Files:


Ensure that you have the 3.4 version of the FS Port installed,  then simply pop the Frontlines2334 directory into you Freespace 2 directory, and then select it from the FSO Launcher.

Use the latest FSPort MediaVPs for the best looking game.

Frontlines was tested with the 3.6.12 MediaVPs and FSO 3.7.0 - it may or may not work with the 2014 MediaVPs.

Frontlines is balanced for medium difficulty.

Known issues:

The are are bad seams on the skyboxes in the cutscene mission. This is the result of FSO not carrying the "Force Clamp" flag when changing skyboxes with sexps. At present, this will have to wait for code changes to be fixed, unless anyone has an alternate proposal.

Potential Issues:

The mods and missions used in FL have been extensively tested individually, however time constraints have prevented the exhaustive testing of the campaign as a whole, although some testing has occurred. It is possible that as yet unnoticed errors may exist within these files. We strongly encourage anyone who encounters unusual behavior or bugs to let us know through this forum. We will endeavor to fix any errors and patch or re-release the campaign.


See sticky thread or within the DL archive.

Have Fun!

*Dives on, finds file's not uploaded yet* Aaaargh, god give-eth god take-eth away! :lol:

But nah, congratulations to you and the team on the (soon-to-be) release Wolf. I shall look forward to this. :)

EDIT: Huzzah it's up! Been looking forward to this. Congrats again! :)

Damn it! I have to wait all weekend long before I can even think about playing this. Congrats on the release.


--- Quote from: CKid on May 09, 2014, 05:47:36 am ---Damn it! I have to wait all weekend long before I can even think about playing this. Congrats on the soon to be released.

--- End quote ---
It's not soon anymore. There's a link there now!

Rejoice everyone. A deadline was set for a HLP project to be released, and the project was released on the deadline.

Bring on the parades and fireworks! :D

Impressive work! There simply isn't enough Terra-Vasudan war mods around here even though it's a major subject in the Freespace lore. Cardinal Spear probably being the only one worth mentioning.

Will probably give more detailed feedback later, but right now I'm pretty busy for several days.


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