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Black Wolf:
So I've gotten the diffuse map for this one done - and it's a much more straightforward beast than the Jupiter, so I should be able to get it finished without worrying about complicated animation or anything like that. Props, of course, to Axem for the model.

The Cleopatra is similar to the Jupiter in that they're both frigates, which in FL basically means "Cruiser which can carry a few fighters", but they're functionally quite different. For one, Vasudan ships use energy weapons exclusively - they're more advanced than the Terrans at this point- so the Cleopatra can operate independently for much longer than a Jupiter.

It's also armed differently. While both frigates are intended to be able to operate independently as patrol ships, they do perform that duty very differently, and their armamanets reflect that. The Cleopatra's turrets are primarily geared for self defence against fighters and area control, whereas the Jupiter is designed to be able to dive on to a larger target with its forward railguns, while its fighters cover it. The difference comes down to limitations in space and terran tech - there's so little physical space on a Jupiter that it can only hold a couple of shuttles and four specially designed, light Leto-Is, and those aren't going to be able to do much to a Vasudan capital ship; that role has to be performed by the Jupiter itself if it runs into larger trouble. By contrast, there's much more space on a Cleopatra (no missiles to carry for one, and while they're of comparable lengths, much of the Jupiter's length is either empty space or uninhabitable), and the Vasudans can equip it with larger, more powerful fighters like the PVF Inpu, or even the PVB Hesat bomber (though they're still limited in terms of numbers of fighters - the Ramses carriers still hold many more fighters than these things do). That, plus the fact that the Vasudans can send subspace equipped fighters to join the fray once combat is joined, means that in battle, the Cleopatra's job is to help its fighters, and defend itself long enough to hold ground until reinforcements arrive.

To simplify that all down, the essential difference between the two ships tactically is that the Cleopatra is designed to support its fighters, while the Jupiter is designed to be supported by its fighters.

In truth, you might not see too much of this detail in game much, but it's fun to come up with it all. :) Anyway, LoDs and debris are on their way, and as usual for Frontlines ships, as soon as it's done, it will be released.

Black Wolf:

--- Quote ---The Cleopatra is a Vasudan patrol vessel, comparable to our own Jupiter class frigate, apparently designed for long term independent operations. Although roughly the same size as the Neith cruiser, the Cleopatra is considerably smaller in terms of internal volume, and its weapons are optimised for anti fighter defences, resulting in its classification as a Class B threat.

Its small fighterbay is an anomaly among Vasudan vessels – considerably smaller than any other yet encountered. Terran intelligence believes that it could not practically hold more than four fighters at any one time, and field evidence suggests that a more typical complement is half that number, with the sparse remaining space likely reserved for small transports and shuttles.
--- End quote ---


The concept has changed a little since the earlier post - mainly the fighter complement has dropped way down, which forces the Cleopatra to be more or less self sufficient, and to a large extent it is: without proper combat scripting, it smashes its terran counterpart (though scripting the combat or fighter support changes that equation entirely).

Once again, thanks to Axem for the original model.

This is a pretty significant FL 2322 milestone - I think the Vasudan modpack is now complete. One big Terran ship to go, and a few pieces of kit here and there, then FREDding can start in earnest. I'm planning an update post soon.

I successfully nagged you into finishing it - Horray! :D

Thank you for the release, I will ge right to arming it for the twenty-three-sixities...  (EDIT: which turns out to 1 SVas, 3 Standard Flak and 4 Terran Turret despite being reclassed as a vasudan version of the Hippocrates)

Is there a more recent version I can get somewhere? - The download provided sadly has a few issues (e.g. table-pof mismatch of subsystems) that come out under a Debug build

ps - Image: The PVM Naunet as it appears in Vega must burn

Why not just fix them?

(I don't have a more recent version)


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