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Vassago's Dirge Voice Acting?

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Did this ever get finished? Would be a shame for such a campaign not to have it

It did not.

Axem has said it will only happen if somebody else steps up to manage the whole thing.

Ya, it's honestly not on my radar to do (sorry fans!). It'd be nice to have, and I did make an attempt to start it but I think Vassago's Dirge needs a certain amount of skill in direction to be able to do it justice. If I had the experience with this stuff I'd make a real crack at it, but I'm not at that level.

I did make the voice acting scripts and role charts for anyone that does indeed want to follow up on it.

Not that I'll have the time but I've done a touch of voice acting and some direction so I'd be interested in looking at what's been done at least.


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