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The Definitive Depiction of pre-FS1 era combat


I know there is Cardinal Spear...

But Frontlines is very, very well done in its depiction of T-V War and shield-less combat.  Capital ships are threatening and their deployment and effectiveness have a strong fit with the lore and universe mechanics shown in FS1. 

I highly recommend anyone doing a full playthrough of FS and their "headcanon" mods to include Frontlines prior to your FS1 playthrough. 

It may not have all the production values of something like BP.... but then again it isn't meant to.  With that being said... I feel this is an essential campaign, especially since IMO it is the only T-V era campaign that neatly fits into the pre-FS1 era and the gameplay mechanics we've come to expect. 

The missions do a good job making capships threatening.  The missions also make a point to show the limits of endurance of fighters without shields, with command ordering you to pull out when things get too hot.  There are no regenerating shields and skillful evasion to let you whittle down waves of enemies.

Good work, Black Wolf. 

Full agree with everything stated, while the story is fairly simple, the gameplay really makes pre-shield combat feel balanced and logical, and it gives the feeling that there was a preexisting meta that the addition of shields later on changes fully. (blob turrets are surprisingly good once you take shields out of the equation)

I also love how it's first 3-mission campaign Tutorializes some more advanced player tactics to help show how to survive in the pre-shield environment better.

In an early mission I smiled when a blob turret took out a Zod in one bit.


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