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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Hey guys, sorry for answering so late, but life is keeping me really busy right now.

So THX Novachen for answering here. Hope it works for you now, CapellaGoBoom...

@ perihelion: Since I have absolutely no clue about linux, I'm not sure if I can be a great help here. Maybe Knossos release thread is a better option?

For everyone who's interested: This mod is NOT dead, I learned a lot about Fredding the last months and will go and fix minor errors of this mod in the future, as well as keep working on the successor. But since I'm becoming a father the 2nd time in a few months from now, we're moving into a bigger house soon and the new job still taking a lot of time, it might take until the middle of 2020 until I can free up enough time to work on it on a greater scale.


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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Maybe a video play through could rouse up interest?

Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
I'm sure a video playthrough would be welcome~


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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Friends and foes got featured on SGJ's month of freespace 2, which is a good starting point. Hopefully will interest more people into playing the mod

Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Oh this is so cool  ;7

Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
In the mission file 7-Sunrise, the Akebono's class is given as "UEFg Karuna MK2", which causes the mission to not load
or an error message when the subsystem "rotatora" isn't found on the Ulysses she defaults to.
Setting the class to "UEFg Karuna" fixed that. I've attached the patched vp, if someone could re-upload it?

[attachment eaten by a Shivan]


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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Mhh.. that is actually a tricky one. Because there is a Karuna MK2 in Blue Planet Complete. But it is not called so in the tables (anymore?). The ship class is called Karuna#MK2 actually.

I am really not sure if this one should be a Karuna MK2 or Karuna MK1 in the campaign. Because the Akebono is a Karuna MK1 in the fourth mission only, but it is classified as MK2 in mission 7 and 12...

After i took a look in some other data i got from bomb3rman a while ago, i am quite certain now, that the Akebono is intended to be a Karuna#MK2.

Uploaded the Karuna fix.

As the manual installation version from the opening post is based upon an older Blue Planet Complete version, you also can still download manually in the BPC release thread, this fix should not be really needed for the mod.ini version.
If i am wrong, you can post a reply and i will offer a manual downloadable patch aswell for the time being until the next official release of F&FR.
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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Thank you, Novachen, for your Support. Looks like an updated version of blue Planet complete is giving some trouble here. During the next week, i will try to create a non-bp-dependant version. This might rise up the size of the download, but most of the problems should be gone after that.

And yeah, the Akebono was intended to be an MK2. (though right now I'm a bit unsure if the MK2s were already available that early in the war... But hey, artistic freedom, I guess).
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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
I just tried running this campaign with FSO 19.0, MVPs 4.2.2, and the latest Blue Planet version, and got spit out during the first briefing with the following error message:

Could not load in 2_CommandBrief-mb!
File: window.cpp
Line: 81

Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Debug log please.

Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Apparently no MVPs are being loaded. Most likely the mods settings are wrongly configured on Knossos by the person who uploaded it there.

Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
It wasn't me, though....

Could you try to install it by hand? Description is in the first post


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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
This issue came up on discord again. Looks like the issue is that in the knossos mod.json file, the mod_flag section which specifies load order doesn't have an entry for the MVPs. Add that in, it runs again. Lots of warnings though. The other problem is that by default Knossos thinks the last number in a version requirement is harmless bugfixes, so while the file specifies BPC 1.0.6 it will load the latest 1.0.X it has, which is bad. I can hand-edit it to require 1.0.6 but I bet it needs a specific MVP version too to work right. If someone can tell me which version is stable for this mod(EDIT: I did the smart thing eventually and read the first post, will proceed with 3.7.2) , I can punch that in and attach a mod.json file for future players to use. It's not ideal for people to be messing with that themselves, but if the mod isn't working to begin with, I don't see much harm.

EDIT: Attached now is a working mod.json inside a zip file. Extract that file and put it the directory knossos creates for FriendsandFoes-1.1.1. In order for this to work you will either need BPC 1.0.6 and MVPS 3.7.2 installed already, or you will need to tell it to download them manually. You can this by finding each mod in the explore tab, clicking the "DETAILS" button, and then using the dropdown menu near the to left to select a specific version. Then even if you have a more recent version the install button will become available. Use that to grab each, and once they're downloaded you should be able to launch Friends and Foes.

Be sure to restart your knossos after putting in the new mod.json file or the changes won't take effect, though.

The result still generates some warnings in debug mode that are a bit concerning to me, but I don't have any familiarity with the mod so I can't take it further than that.

EDIT 2: See Mito's post below for a more complete effort.
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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
welp it works up until i begin the first mission after which it crashes.
The fast debugger thing feeds me this

Code: [Select]
Warning: Couldn't load effect 'exp05a' for weapon 'RFaCAP'.
File: weapons.cpp
Line: 1647

I assume that the civilian transports are carrying tables. Isn't modding wonderful

Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Playing on debug builds isn't recommended unless you want to debug the campaign yourself. This shouldn't be a problem on normal builds.

Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Eh, it is a shame that this mod became unmaintained. While not necessarily very polished (or actually prepared well for a Knossos release, it seems) it definitely has an interesting plot and some neat mission design.

Also, uh, the release post specifies Blue Planet Complete (I presume 1.0.0 or 1.0.1 would be the proper version), FSO 3.7.4 and MVPS 2014. I'll try out this combo.
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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Double-posting because important.

Okay, so I was right, and now after a quick modification of the mod.json, it works and I've quickly verified that it's possible to enter the three first missions without any crashing. Download the fixed file here. In order to install it, just find the friends and foes directory in your mod library, and replace the old mod.json with this one. Then restart/reload Knossos and try it out.

It seems like it can function fine with recent FSO builds (done my testing on 20.1.0-20200511 nightly), so I've decided to leave the FSO requirement there as it was originally.

Also, if you're somehow trying to launch this mod with a debug build, don't. I've spent like ten minutes just clicking through the warnings showing upon mission load :P . See for yourself!

I'm leaving this here for now, and I'm going to try and bother whoever has dev access to this mod on Knossos to upload a new update with fixed dependencies. Maybe also some minor fixes to the warnings popping up, who knows?
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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
If i understand this topic and the description on Knossos right, Novachen seem to have maintained this one. And right now she has much bigger personal problems than mods.
At least she announced that on her Freespace2 related twitter.
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Re: [RELEASE] - Friends and Foes: Retribution
Hello guys,

sorry for answering so late.

YES, the newer versions of BP give this mod some trouble. I did not upload this to Knossos, though, so I can't fix the problems that are related to this.

But there is a workaround to get this playable again manually:

You need:

1. Use FS2 Open 3.7.4. or a newer version.

2. The Mod itself (Download link on first page or here):

3. Blue Planet complete, older version: Download-Link for the older version:
Download the necessary files and put them into a folder in your Freespace 2 directory. Name the folder "bpcomplete".

4. As it is needed for Blue Planet: The MediaVPs 2014:

5. Extract the RAR-file from FaF and put the "Friends and Foes"-Folder within your Freespace 2 folder.

Then use your launcher (I recommend the wxlauncher, and activate the "Friends and Foes"-Mod. The bpmod and the MediaVPs 2014 should automatically be activated with it.

Then start the game, go to the campaign room and activate "Friends and Foes".

Cheers! Feel free to ask questions if something is unclear.

EDIT: @MitoPL: Thanks for your help with the .json files!
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