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If we get in-game joining working (again?), that would be more feasible.  It's currently an 'experimental' option, but I'm pretty sure it just crashes you out if you try it.

Mostly it just causes extra lag for the people in-game, currently. And the occasional crash too. It really should either be fixed (preferable) or, if it will never be fixed, ripped out or at least having the command line flag removed for the time being so people aren't misled about it being an option.

A more robust "Player has hacked tables" (maybe with version/mod used) warning that the host can actually see would be really nice.
It'd be along the lines of what was mentioned a few posts back about directions for people to pick up the mods.

In-game joining should probably be ripped out of the launcher(for now) as it does currently cause catastrophic problems if used.

I still think that certain types of mods could be done, if nothing else just table edits and perhaps a few custom textures.  All that would have to be downloaded in the lobby, and anyone taking too long to download could just be kicked.  By the time the game is started there shouldn't be any more downloading going on.  Warcraft 3 custom games would often have to be downloaded by the clients, or they'd be told where to get it on the internet, kicked, and then someone else would join.  The host should know if he's hosting a game that might take a while for people to download.  If we had the ability to enable some level of client-side mod downloading, I don't think we should rule it out just because it might take too long.  That's not really for us to decide.  It would still take quite a bit of work to code though, I'd imagine.

I don't mind client side mod downloading, as long as it is done in a way that doesn't force the rest of the players to wait for hours :p

If the interface was more sane, it would be an easy choice to just say that besides the 'Join' and 'Join as observer' buttons, there should be a 'Game Info' button as well which let you see which mods were used (if any) and an option to auto-install and enable them, as well as various other stuff like which players are in the game and perhaps even a message from the game host to anyone who views that screen. But the interface isn't sane, and I suspect that adding such a functionality would be a vastly bigger job than it sounds.

That said, if anyone wants a crack at it, the multi community will cheer you on until you either succeed or give up.


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