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Well, now that we have this nice new (old) forum, we may as well use it. :)  Since the Interviews project was last active around five (!) years ago, many of the newer HLP members were never aware that we had such a project.  I figured the time was right to see if anybody would be interested in reviving it, just like people have revived the Star Wars Conversion (now Fate of the Galaxy), The 158th Squadron, and The Apocalypse Project.

So, do we have any responsible forum members who could conduct some interviews?  Post your credentials here.

*waves hand*

Question. Whats the basic requirements?

Well, you need to be willing to talk to people, and you need to know how to ask insightful questions.  It's also helpful to do some research on the person before actually sitting down to interview him -- this way, the interview can have some more interesting details instead of just basic biographical information.

I think you've demonstrated that you have all of those requirements. :)

I would like to reiterate that the Interview forum is still looking for interviewers; if you have a period of free time on your hands and wish to participate, do PM me.

I actually want to help. I haven't posted any additional interviews but I really wished to. I would have liked to interview TopAce about the Wiki, brand/chief about Fate of the Galaxy and Darius/General Battuta about Blue Planet. I didn't really have a chance to get those interviews started so I had to forget about them. I did not manage to interview several members of the ED Team, either.


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