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Rule Number One: Be Smart.

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Hopefully this is self explanatory.  If you wish to act silly in a non-HLP related or disruptive manner, take it away to a place like warpstorm.  That's why the Rift is there, and we quite enjoy amusing stuff at warpstorm.  If you want to talk about warez, don't!  You have been warned.  If you want to talk about a cool new game that you think that HLP should start covering, go for it!

This is the first, and hopefully only rule people need to know.  Thank you for your attention.

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Falcon X:
Yes Warpstorm is cool.  Uhh, btw, this place is a bit slow.

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Maybe more advertising is needed. Or you must feature something new here that is not found any where else.

That's how you attract people.

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Jake Logan:
--- Quote ---Originally posted by Shrike:
be smart
--- End quote ---

well i guess that leaves me out again.

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You're the one who said it...

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