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Alright. Here's the scoop.

For those that don't know, I'm recreating all of the FS1 & FS2 cutscenes in 1920x1080 resolution. Since we do not have access to any of the original stuff from  :v: I'm making it all from scratch. Below you can see the progress I have made.

Below you can see FMV previews of cutscenes that are ready. I recommend watching HD fullscreen as the VIMEO compression kills some of the detail. (Don't worry, the detail will be there in the final as long as OGG doesn't kill it either.) When an FMV is available, I will be considering minor changes, but the scene is basically finished. Also, keep in mind that I simply will not be able to cater to everyone's desires for these remakes.

Scenes marked in 'green' are released. Use the download links below. Place them in "\data\movies" without changing their file names for their respective campaigns. You may be prompted to overwrite the older cutscenes. You can either do that or change the name of the OLDER scenes. Make sure you do not have the flag "Disable scale-to-window for movies" selected in the launcher. Also, be sure you are using the lastest SCP build.

These cutscenes are released under the following license...

--- Quote ---

You are free to copy and redistribute these in any medium or format
You must give appropriate credit when using these
You must obtain permission to distribute derivative works of these
You must obtain permission to use this work for commercial purposes
--- End quote ---

Also, I'd really rather not have a bunch of random people uploading these to Youtube. They are on my account and that's enough. If you do 'Let's Plays'.. just link to my versions, please.

Not Started - Drawing/Modeling - Animating - Tweaking/Finalizing - Finished


* Intro - Download
* Ancients 1 - Download
* Lab - Download
* C. Brief - Download
* Ancients 2 - Download
* Hall Fight - Download
* Ancients 3 - Download
* Ancients 4 - Download
* Ancients 5 - Download
* End Game - Download

* Intro
* Monologue 1 - Download
* Colossus - Download
* Monologue 2 - Download
* Monologue 3 - Download
* Monologue 4 - Download
* Bastion - Download
* End Part 1 - Download
* End Part 2A - Download
* End Part 2B - Download

* V. Prime
If you would like to lend a hand to this project, send me a PM.

You could add some more normal effect to those textures on the planets, to make it look a little more realistic.
What program do you use to render it?

and since you are at it, fix that lighting issue on the bluish moon on the left, you don't need to carry someone else's mistake when upgrading IMO.


oh and good on you :yes: , nice to see someone trying to do this.

The E:
Agreed. Why not use some of that added resolution for some more detail? A better Starfield, sharper textures on the planets, that sort of thing.

If the community is in, so am I. I went back and forth on whether or not I should keep everything sharp and crisp or try to match the old style  :v: used. I also thought about the lighting issue on that moon. But if that is the consensus. I'll fix it all.

It will be easy, because I made the textures at 2500x1250 and just blurred them later. I'm going to use some depth-of-field this time around, should add some realism. I'll remove the blurs. Also, what do you mean by a better starfield. Personally I think this one looks nice.

Oh, and this one was created with a mix of Photoshop/After Effects. I'll encode it with Vegas. For the later cutscenes I'll be using 3DS MAX/Blender as well.

I agree; use this opportunity to improve on :v:'s work, don't take over their mistakes. After all, the original cutscenes were created over 10 years ago; surely, computers and rendering software have improved a lot since then.

Apart from that, it's great that you're doing this :)

Oh, and when posting large images, please place them between [lvlshot] tags instead of [img] tags.


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