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the whole shading is wrong there, its like the sun/light is very close to the planets to create such shadows, I say probably there are 2 suns there, so go for the original shadows as using that sun as the main light will leave the planet completly dark...

What about keeping the original shading but adding another sun off to the right? (maybe smaller, just off screen?... Could give a nice flash as the lens flare leaves the camera view)

Yay! I'm SO glad someone is doing this! The MVE compression has been killing me.

Yeah, the MVE compression is awful. Hopefully I'll finish this project. The Ancients 1-5 are cake. It's the ones after that I'm worried about...

Still tweaking Ancients 1. Should have some shots from Ancients 2 tomorrow.

Ancients 2 Comparisons.

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