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Trivial Psychic:
Howdy all:

Since the legendary Volition interview thread has been locked, may I suggest that it be split into two.  The first would have just the interview itself, then the second would include all the subsequent discussion from the thread.  Both threads would be locked.  The first thread would then be sticked for posterity (given its importance), then in a follow-on post, the link to the discussion thread.  That way, even if the discussion thread falls off the main page, it can easily be accessed for any new member that wants to read the comments.

Shivan Hunter:
Why do we want people to read the discussion? I'm against deleting threads but why make it so accessible? It's a cluster****.

Just a post explaining the interview in current HLP context would be great.

Akalabeth Angel:
A better question is why should a "cluster****" be swept under the rug?

As for Trivial Psychi's idea, it's not a bad one. Just post the interview, sans introduction, for people to read and to come to their own conclusions.

Black Wolf:
No, I don't think so. Make a wiki article instead if you want it for posterity. The forums are for discussion, the wiki is for reference. And while I don't want anything "swept under the rug", I will be happy to see the thread naturally sink off the page.

There is already a wiki article.


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