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Posting possible capital ship powers.

Aeolus: Beam overcharge, sgreens fire every 5-7 seconds, causing massive damages. This works for AAAF too, but the downside is it gradually damages hull.
            Repair like on the Karuna, though a bit faster.
            Countermeasures: Used as a power to basically disarm UEF torpedoes, including the ones fired from UEF capitals, can be used to help out larger ships as well.

Deimos: Beam overcharge: Turns the terslashes into a powerful direct fire weapon for a short time. Does some minor damage to the Deimos' hull.
             Point Defense Overdrive: Causes all point defense turrets to fire much faster, useful for trying to take down more incoming bombs.

Sanctus: Cargo Utilization: The Sanctus uses the spare ammo in its cargo bay to, for a few seconds, greatly increase the reload rate of its kenetic weapons (Torpedoes, mass drivers, etc)
              Not sure about the third power, I was thinking perhaps an engine overdrive, which makes it move much faster for about 5 seconds, which would be useful for getting into range with its mass drivers, etc.

Diomedes: Stikecraft Launch: Launches one wing of fighters and one wing of bombers that assist them.
                PD Sentries: Launches 10-15 sentry guns around the ship (and perhaps friendly capitals) which terran turret 2 which are used to help shoot down torpedoes



If anyone has anything to say about these or any ideas for these or the other capitals I didn't list, please do share.

If anyone has anymore ideas, I'd be happy to hear them.

I think we should add the Custos to the list of playable capships.


--- Quote from: Lester on June 03, 2011, 08:34:28 am ---I think we should add the Custos to the list of playable capships.

--- End quote ---
Yeah true, plus the Narayna (spellllling), Chimera, and Bellephron too

Right now the Narayana and the Sanctus models are in the bpmulti modpack.  I would like to brainstorm possible ideas for abilities with these ships first, since abilities for them will be easier to implement.

Sanctus: (Ideas Hades mentioned are good)
Active Sealent: Armor type gets a temporary buff
Long ranged ordinance: Sanctus' Warhammers get temporarily swapped with Apocalypse#Narayana which has 12000m range.
Signal lasers: disables all beam weaponry a given distance from the activating ship for a given amount of time.
Thruster coolent reserves: recharges afterburner energy instantly.

Fire mission: All gauss cannons and mass drivers fire instantly when this ability is used.
Jam their signal!: Makes the Narayana untargetable by enemies for a short duration.
Recalibrate Sensors: Repairs the Sensor subsystem.

Edit: Just thought of another ability.
Reactor Polarity: Overloads the reactor to cause a massive EMP shockwave which radiates outward from center of the activating ship. Scrambles the targeting of the activating ship as well as others around it. Useful for desperate situations.


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