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Good news! My version of the Sathanas is available for download on

Special thanks to zookeeper for rigging and importing the model, and to Rga_noris for his shp.tbm and support.

The 4096x4096 version:

The 2048x2048 version:

p.s. has the correct pof.

Commander Zane:
Definitely checking this out. :D

It has its own feel, no less bad-ass or awesome than the one made by Rga.

Oh, I was dreading this day would never come. I really liked the design when I saw it in the wip images.

Glad you released it, I'm going to see how high noon looks with it.

Edit: Wow, that looks a little scary. Like a living creature or something. Certainly a unique take on shivans.

Great work!

As has been mentioned, it does vary from the typical style of the Shivans in so much that the overall design seems to flow in one direction. Also, I've always felt that the general shape of a Shivan ship is made by the some of it's parts, as opposed to appearing as one large, single piece forming the shape... The Lucifer is a great example of what I'm getting at.

But that's not really a critique, merely an observation on the style you chose and then executed beautfully. It looks great!

Oh, and baked glow FTW.


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