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Well, It might be obvious to some, but I would prefer, if everyone else on the team agrees, to officially call BP Multi a dormant project for now. I was planning on getting back into it after completing The Antagonist, but after spending so many months out of it I feel like I have lost the swing of things: what needs fixing, how or what multiplayer missions ought to be created/refined, how best to orgainse upcoming 'game days' etc.

I don't see this as too much of a bad decision given the nature of the project. I spoke with some members of the BP team, and the idea has been proposed, though not officially, to include some multiplayer missions with upcoming BP updates. This will allow a larger base of users due to a less intimidating method of distribution. If this is the case, it might be better to time the efforts of the project to be released at the same time Blue Planet updates are packaged.

I also don't want to put anyone off who wants to play BP Multi in its current form. There are still many complete missions on the SVN for anyone to be able to play online with others. Also if you want to try and organise a 'game day' on the forums, by all means go for it. That's a large reason why we have one. Just try to set the day far enough back so that people have enough time to view the thread and plan their schedules. I usually gave it a week and planned for weekends.

Looking back at what this project has become, I would like to again thank everyone who participated in it. Spring was a blast!

Personally, I'm waiting on code fixes, as it's just too frustrating to spent hours working on work-arounds that are getting more and more far out with every attempt.

Also, I think multi in general has gone dormant during the summer, depriving us of much needed motivation and audience.

That said, I'd be happy to start a thread listing all the missions, the development stage they're in, and what needs fixing. Project MULTI has a thread like that, which works quite nicely.

Shivan Hunter:

Also, congrats on some great progress! I only ever tested with you guys during the very beginnings, but it sounds like you've done some epic stuff. (I really should get back into FS Multi sometime...)

I personally expect BP Multi to get revived pretty quickly when WiH2 comes out. We're a little restricted right now, without the optimized capships and rebalancing of the weaponry/ships that were unused in WiH1.

Expect moar great co-op conversions to happen after the release of WiH2 !

If progress on the campaign lags with the modpack and balancing being essentially complete, the modpack v2.0 might be released beforehand. We'll let the relevant people know.


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