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A few people had mentioned that the Discord had a working list of targets, I thought it might be fun to pass some time to see which ships the community might like next.

I discounted ships that heard were actively being worked on like the SJ Sathanas, SD Lucifer and SF Mara. I put these to vote because they are fairly significant player fighter craft in the base campaign. And they sadly are starting to look pretty dated when compared to the newly updated fighters.

Axem is working on the Ares, AFAIK.

I voted for the GTB Ursa, because its outdated design is kind of amplified by its size. The other spacecraft are quite small compared to this bomber, therefore their current lack of detail can't be noticed at all times.

Sathanas is not being worked on and really doesn't need an update.


--- Quote from: mjn.mixael on September 06, 2020, 07:06:53 pm ---Sathanas is not being worked on and really doesn't need an update.

--- End quote ---
QFT. We already have two hi-poly models, and they are awesome!

Voted for the Ursa. I don't see why the Ares or the Erinyes need updates, they look damn cool as they are. I'm not sure that any of the Shivan fighters need updates; hell, I was surprised to hear that presently someone is working on the Mara as I thought it looks fine as is.

The Sathanas is also fine as it is. Ditto the Dragon (or at the very least, the Dragon can wait a while as I there are ships that need updating more than the Dragon).

But I think that the Ursa and the Lucifer could definitely use some love.


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