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--- Quote -----This release includes rewritten explosion and debris scripts. They are mostly identical but use newer script hooks and are more efficient. However they also come with one new feature and that is to define data in the configs for ship types as well as any individual ship. Goober5000 can provide the details on how this works.
--- End quote ---

The first thing to note is that these config files do not have modular ability like TBM files.  If you change any data, you'll need to provide a modified file with the same file name.

Aside from that, the config files should hopefully be self-explanatory...

[*] The mv_no_flaming_debris.cfg and mv_no_ship_exp_flashes.cfg files specify ship classes that will not be processed for the script effects.

[*] The mv_shp_exp_flashes.cfg file behaves like before, with the additional feature that flashes can be specified for ship types, not only ship classes.  This removes the need to exhaustively list every ship in your mod, especially when many of those ships may have identical values.  Ship types must be specified before any ship classes that are of that type.  Ship classes will inherit their ship type fields unless specifically overridden.

[*] The handling of mv_wep_exp_flashes.cfg and mv_exp_ani_flashes.cfg is unchanged.

NOTE: The following only applies to 4.4.0.  Versions 4.4.1 and up do not set the version tag in the -mod.tbm.

I also want to emphasize this:

--- Quote -----For the first time we have included a -mod.tbm that specifies a target version. Your mod, if it uses MediaVPs 4.4.x as a dependency will need to be compatible with FSO version 21.0.0 or newer.
--- End quote ---

This has two major consequences that may not be obvious:
[*] Certain "bugfix" ai-profiles flags will be automatically enabled.  See the wiki page for details; note that enabling all 21.0 flags also enables all 3.7.2 flags.
[*] Certain scripting functions have been deprecated.  If your mod uses Axem's axui-sct.tbm or axmsg-sct.tbm you will need to patch them with the newer functions.

Is there a detailed changelog for 4.4.1?  :confused:

As a developer myself... i actually hate it to have version changes without any documentation.  :wtf:
Especially for people with slower Internet that is always a tough choice... because Knossos for example want to redownload the complete MVPs once again, because its versioning seems still be buggy.
With a detailed changelog such people could download the indivual files that were actually changed, for example.

That is a general critism however... unfortunately this happens way too much to other mods also.


--- Quote from: Novachen on February 04, 2021, 07:15:58 am ---Is there a detailed changelog for 4.4.1?  :confused:
--- End quote ---
Everything is in 4.4.x release post.


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