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Release: MediaVPs 4.4.x - 28th of January 2021


RELEASE: MediaVPs 4.4.x - 28th of January 2021
Discussion Thread Located Here!
Step 1: Ensure you have a working installation of Freespace 2

The MediaVPs require a working installation of retail Freespace 2. If you do not have the retail Freespace 2, it can be purchased from Good Old Games for ~$6-10 USD
Step 2: Download the 4.4 MediaVPs themselves!

[DOWNLOAD] - Use Knossos:

Click below to get started. The latest revision is 4.4.x.

If you want to manually install individual packages, you'll need to write your own mod.ini and create the MediaVPs_44X folder in your FSO directory. Then use the link above and click "No, but I know exactly what I'm doing and I just want download links" and install those packages into the MediaVPs_44X folder. This method is not recommended.
Manual Installs: Get the latest SCP Build and Launcher

MediaVPs 4.4.x requires an FSO build 21.0.0 or greater!

* Current Required Build is fs2_open 21.0.0
* Launchers, if you don't have one already:
* All platforms:  Knossos (combined launcher/installer/mod store) This is the recommended method. See Step 2.
* All platforms:  wxLauncher
* OS X:  Soulstorm's OS X Launcher 3.0
* Linux:  YAL or by hand or whatever you can figure out.
* Both the fs2_open exe and Launcher exe should be placed in your root Freespace2 install folder. ie: "C:\Games\FreeSpace2"
* Note that this is a HIGHLY recommended place to put your FreeSpace2 files, especially on Vista/Win7.

* It's a good idea at this point to also copy fs2_open DEBUG exe into your root Freespace2 install folder in case you later on encounter problems you need to ask about on the forums. This is because the debug builds will create the all important "fs2_open.log" file in "user\appdata\HardLightProductions\FreeSpace2\data" that should always be included in such posts. For more information, please check (all posts!) in The Freespace Troubleshooting FAQ thread in the Freespace and Freespace Open Support Forum
Play and enjoy! Also, please report any bugs you come across to the FSU Mantis!

Changelog Highlights

* Hi-poly Ares
* Hi-poly Moloch
* Hi-poly Mephisto with cargo
* Hi-poly Asmodeus with cargo
* New HD Cutscenes, Colossus, EndPart1, EndPart2A, EndPart2B
* Support for MjnMixael's new Aquitaine mainhall
Changelog Complete

--- Code: ---Amazon should use fighter warp sounds
Centaur, Scarab, Hygeia, Ra now have appropriate warp sounds and shield colors
Fixed Ravana missing normal map
HD Colossus cutscene added
Added Centaur model entry to the tables
Hi-poly Asmodeus added
Fix LOD mismatch for asteroids
Old flak script removed
Rewrite of explosion and debris script for performance
Hi-poly Ares added
HD EndPart2A and EndPart2B cutscenes added
Minor texture revisions from Nyctaeus for Aeolus, Deimos, Fenris
Mipmaps added where found missing
Fix Demon bounding box
Hi-poly Moloch added
Aeolus and Ares will now be added to the player's tech room if they are unlocked in the campaign
Shivan flak is now listed properly as a primary weapon
HD EndPart1 cutscene added
Fix Orion turret05 rotation axis
Hi-poly Mephisto added
Adjust Hades turret 17 and 18 FOV to match retail
Fix for subspace node wireframe triangulation
Support added for HD Aquitaine mainhall
Updated cb_sm1-04_a anim to use new Orion and Sobek models
Fenris now has a proper eyepoint
Build requirement is now set to 21.0.0 is -mod.tbm
Fix for centaur LOD mismatch
Lasers now have retail collision radius

--- End code ---

Notes for Mods
--This release includes rewritten explosion and debris scripts. They are mostly identical but use newer script hooks and are more efficient. However they also come with one new feature and that is to define data in the configs for ship types as well as any individual ship. Goober5000 can provide the details on how this works.

--As part of the script cleanup, the old Flak script was found to be non functional with the newer flak effects and was removed.

--Please note that the Aquitaine mainhall files are not actually included in the MediaVPs files and will not automatically work with your mod. If you want to use this with your mod then you will need to add a dependency in your own mod for MjnMixael's HD Mainhalls.

--For the first time we have included a -mod.tbm that specifies a target version. Your mod, if it uses MediaVPs 4.4.x as a dependency will need to be compatible with FSO version 21.0.0 or newer.

--Note that any textures associated with the models that have been replaced are now located in MV_Compatibility.

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Older Release post for 4.0.x Here
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Updated to 4.4.1

--Fix Ares thruster vectors
--Support for Aquitaine Nebula version mainhall
--Remove mod.tbl target version 21.0.0 because it incorrectly allows even for capships to use overclock speeds.

Updated to 4.4.2

--Shivan#Distruptor > Shivan Disruptor
--Adjust Barracuda exp flash duration and distance
--Set animated submodels as "untargetable" and "damage as hull"
--Remove species declaration from Orion in MV_Root-shp


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